A Strange Journey Into the Unknown

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Human beings by nature fear the unknown, and it is natural not to want to expose themselves to the magnitude of the power of the discovery of a new world, primitive and ready to be explored. I recently talked about a book called “Many Lives, Many Teachers,” and that is one of the takes that many people fear to know, fear to read, and fear it will be true.


Let's give some examples:

- People fear death

- They fear that there is another life after death

- They fear there is life in outer space

- When we were children we were afraid of other children, school, sports, but in reality the fear was to discover the unknown.

- When we are adults we fear our new job, but in reality the fear is of not doing things well and not being accepted with our defects.

- We fear the supernatural and we are not interested in investigating it


These are a few examples of what our mind can block simply out of fear of exploring unknown places but I do not blame humanity because it is part of our nature. When I was 19 years old I was on my way to the city of Caracas Venezuela and on the way I saw a UFO that my wife, being incredulous of the subject, was left with her mouth open because of the natural expression that I had because I know that in this life and in the others they exist mysteries that will be discovered by themselves. I dare to say that I have seen death pass through my eyes on different occasions and it is a theme that I would like to tell on another occasion.


Let's continue with the topic and I could put as another example the adoption or acceptance of the new world economy with the cryptocurrency trade. Currently adoption is more controlled, 30% of the world is using them but in 2011 when I first heard the term Bitcoin, it was not the same 30% who had accepted it. The BTC was only used in the Dark Network and the transactions were executed only for the purchase of organs, weapons, erotic videos and massacres, a real madness.

Anyway, we have now overcome the fear of investing in cryptocurrencies because we see that people worldwide are using them. In short, the fear of the unknown is collective, we do not move in masses and our instinct tells us that the unknown is dangerous.

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As always I will leave a tip:

Explore, Have Fun, Learn and Overcome your fears because that is what makes us stronger and we eliminate ignorance from our lives.

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