If You know Who You Are, your Identity Is Safe

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2 years ago

This pretty defines what we take daily as a form of identity and comfirm to it wgeb could living life in the complete opposite. Probably our eyes aren't opened to do what is right or we're completely ignorant and despite that we still back to the same place over and over again. Its far too easy to believe in your limitations, well it's the easy way out but if we know who we serve there is no form of limit to what we can do.

In times of a difficult encounter, we can overcome by raising our voice and declare words which will permanently send away evil things... when faced with an exam, what do we do even the timing gets tough and unbearable. In our relationship how do we handle internal problems, these aren't just the usual faced problem it really needs more energy and force.

You have the backing of God always, and if you are his you've got to step up in prayer and in devotion and watch him make it very smooth for you in all areas of life. I have been faced with a very deep trial and I wouldn't say how I closely have up... firstly it looked as if I was abandoned and completely left all by myself and secondly even my close friend left me, so there was absolutely no other way..

Then I picked up courage and ran to God for help and he came through... this isn't to brag or anything but I think you need to know when it's time to lift it up and then allow him do his work. We may be down but he will restore our joy today.. when we have a debate of who we are, we loose out.

The provision of there, we've got to command it and it will be ours... So I'm sure you'll see yourself bigger than what you are now and make a change, do not hurt yourself but be agile and prepared all the time.. so wouldn't it be the best choice to choose what is the only way than to stay where you're at and lament all day.

Knowing who you are makes you stand out, just like how people will tag you as the top in class or an occupation... you will be unique and people will wonder how do you always win in every problem.. it happens in reality, you can be that person when you know your rights..

You can nice way ahead of your peers, and everyone.. there is power in your utterances, you are much more than you think. Do not lay courses instead of speaking the truth and speaking blessings..

Choose your identity in Christ and know that you can win no matter what stands before you...

Thank you for reading..

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