Volatility During Volatile Times

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I have been slowly watching my Crypto go down in value. I have been wondering what I should do. Should I sell almost everything I have to make sure I do not lose anymore? Should I exchange everything for something more stable like USDC? This would be a good option because I can make a decent APY while it is sitting. Should I let it sit and wait out all of the trouble in the world? If I take this route it might not end well and it might be a long time until I see any gains if at all. Should I invest all of the Crypto I have into liquidity so I can make money while the market is figuring out what happens next?

I have a lot to think about and I am sure anyone reading this is dealing with this same dilemma. The wrong move could have dire consequences. The right move could help me out in the future. Times are changing and they are changing quickly.

I am not sure what the right move to make is at the moment but I am going to weigh the pros and cons before I make any big decisions. I do not want to make any rash decisions and ruin the future I could have with Crypto but I also do not want to end up losing all of my money because I waited too long to make the right moves. The future is unknown when it comes to Crypto. Who knows, once America decides to create its CBDC it could outlaw other Crypto projects. I doubt this will happen but at this point, we do not know. I am just thinking out loud but what if Crypto is a big financial experiment and when it is done and enough information is collected governments pass laws to outlaw or crackdown on all Crypto projects. A ton of people would lose a lot of money. A lot of people have put their savings into BTC and other projects so if this did happen it would cause a large number of people to lose everything. My neighbor actually did something like this with SHIB. He invested over $30,000! Everything he had in his savings account because he listened to the news articles and "influencers" on social media saying it was going to explode. Guess what happened to his savings? That $30,000 turned into something like $3,000. I am just thinking out loud at this point. I know a lot of people will say that Crypto being outlawed is impossible because BTC is decentralized and all that but China and 8 other countries have outlawed Crypto so it is possible and I think probable. If Crypto keeps going up in price it will eventually disrupt the way our system works and something will have to be done. If you think otherwise I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

Please remember that none of this is financial advice. I am strictly just thinking out loud and wondering what the outcome of this will be. Something made by a creator no one knows can only last so long. It has been said that Satoshi Nakomoto said he created BTC to create a trust-less cash system. This is good and all but what if the creator (or creators) are the same people who already control the money. What if they made this trust-less system to be able to track all transactions and never have to answer to no one. Satoshi Nakamoto owns anywhere from 750,000 to 1,100,000 BTC that the public knows of. This puts him at the 15th richest person (or persons) in the world at the moment. If there is another jump in price like the last one then it will make him/her/ or them the richest person in the world. Whoever controls the money controls the world. This is a thought I have had for a long time and it just keeps running through my head. I love Crypto do not get me wrong. It has helped me in a lot of different ways but something so big and promising but the creator hides their identity usually ends up not being for the people. Things are not always as they seem. They say it is a good thing that we can not find out who the creator is because it means Crypto is for the people because it always people to keep their unanimity. Just because Satoshi can stay hidden does not mean average people like ourselves can stay hidden. Also, they say Crypto can not be taken away like banks can take away your money but I have heard multiple times addresses benign flagged and frozen and peoples Crypto being confiscated. This is a new time in the world with new technology. I just keep getting this feeling that Crypto is not here for the people. I keep feeling that it is here for a way to transfer wealth and power on a major scale. Things are happening in the world. A lot of people just think things are going to go back to normal but this is just the beginning. What are your thoughts on all of this? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Of course, I am still earning Crypto and learning about it because I think it is a game-changing technology. Crypto is just the icing on the cake. The real technology is Blockchain. Blockchain is where the real power comes in. You can literally use Blockchain technology to track and identify everything and anything in the world. As time goes on I believe blockchain technology will be implemented into everything we do and see. Like I said what we see now is just the beginning.

I do not know everything but I do know that things are changing and nothing is as it seems. What do you think the future holds for Crypto and Blockchain technology?

I know what you are thinking. This dude has no idea what he is talking about. To be honest I don't. I am just going by gut feelings and thinking outside of the box. I am worried about the future. I am worried about my family's financial future. I am worried Crypto might not be for the people. I am worried Crypto might just be an easy way to push a new financial system on us without telling us. I am just worried and I think you should be too. Things are not always as they seem.

I know this is away from my normal articles but I thought I would switch it up and write something that truly came from my deep thoughts. I enjoy writing articles about new earning sites but sometimes you have to switch it up a little.

I am not saying Crypto is bad or anything along those lines. I am just thinking out loud and outside of the box. I am wondering if its true purpose is something bigger than what it is said to be. It is always good to think for yourself and think outside of the box. I have read a couple of articles that said things like I have just said so I know I am not the only one who is wondering the true purpose of Crypto and Blockchain technology.

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I agree that the blockchain is the real deal here. It is so useful because of the transparency and the ledgers. I love the new technology today!

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Thanks for the comment. I think it is amazing as well. I hope it will be used for good.

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