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CryptoTab browser is one of my favorite browsers right next to Brave browser.

CryptoTab browser allows you to mine bitcoin while you surf the web or write articles. I am actually mining right now as I write this.

You can invest in a thing called cloud boost. I am using the 10x boost right now which costs $10 I think. It will be worth it even if I make a little over $10 a month since I am on my computer a good part of the day anyways.

You can connect it to your google account and make in almost exactly like your google chrome browser.

I keep my speed at 3/4 and I do not notice any lag of any kind. I turn it off of course if me or my son decide to play games or build roblox.

This is a great browser and you should at least give it a try and see what it is all about.

Also if you can get people to use your referral link then you will make a percent of what they make. If you like it I think you should start spreading your referral link and get the word out there. Everyone deserves to hold a little bit of crypto for when the market booms. Have fun and good luck earning and making a difference in the way money is distributed.

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