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Security Is Key

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2 months ago

Every time I write about an earning site I always get a couple of people that say earning sites are not for them and you do not make enough from them. I am not going to try to say this is wrong or try to tell you that you will make a ton of money from these sites but what I will tell you is that these sites are just the beginning of your earning journey. These sites are made so you can get your foot in the door of Crypto without having to invest your hard-earned money. It seems like a lot of people want instant gratification without having to put in any type of work. A lot of people want the easy way out and this is why a lot of people end up losing money when it comes to Crypto.

I want to share a good way I have learned to start bringing in a small amount of passive income and also sites that I have found to be trustworthy. I also want to share with you the best ways to keep your information safe when visiting sites you are not sure about. I have been through a lot of sites and trust me it has been a struggle trying to find decent ones that do not harvest data or send you to malicious sites, but there are ways you can put an extra layer of protection up to make sure you stay safe when visiting sites you find.

I understand why a lot of people do not like faucets or PTC sites. There is a big chance your email can be compromised or you can be brought to sites that are not good for you or your computer. There are some sites out there though that are trustworthy and will help you build a little bit of Crypto to invest in projects with APY's or invest in advertising that helps get your referrals out there. I will share a small list of the sites I have found to be the best and most rewarding.

The first thing I want to go over is creating an email that is strictly for earning sites or Crypto projects you are not used to or do not fully trust. I suggest using something like protonmail. Protonmail is one of the safest email platforms out there. This way you are not using your main email account and take the chance of your accounts beings compromised. If you have not heard of Protonmail then I suggest checking it out. If you know of any other encrypted email platforms please leave a comment and let me know.

The next thing I want to go over is passwords. I suggest changing your password for every site and wallet you own. This will make it so that if one of your sites gets compromised then whoever has your password cannot get into all of the other sites and apps you use. This is a great way to keep yourself secure and make it so you stay safe. I also suggest changing your password at least every 6 months. I know this is a hassle but it will be worth it.

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Make sure your passwords are all different and make sure that they are filled with letters, numbers, and special characters. The chart above shows you how fast someone can compromise your password depending on what type of password you use. It is very important to make your passwords as complex as possible. I also suggest writing your passwords down somewhere safe and putting it somewhere safe only you know where. I suggest keeping a small notebook with all of your passwords. Do not, I repeat do not save your passwords on your phone or computer. This goes for seed phrases as well. If you keep your passwords on your phone or computer I suggest taking them off immediately and writing them down somewhere.

Next, I want to go over using good virus software. If you are like me then it is hard to be able to afford a yearly plan for a good virus software but if you are earning Crypto from the sites I share then it would be worth using some of your earnings over time in investing in a yearly plan. I am not going to share virus platforms because I think it is better for you to do your own research to find the virus software that is best for you. While you are waiting to earn enough to pay for a good virus software you can use free software platforms. If you search for free software platforms then you will be able to find a good amount of them that will fit your needs. Also when you are first starting a virus software a lot of these companies will give you a discount for the first year.

I also suggest using different web browsers for different things you do. I think Brave browser is the best browser to use for all of your earnings sites because it is the safest and has a shield that is activated for all of the new sites you visit. This shield keeps you safe from tracking and other malicious problems. For all of the personal things you do online I suggest using your regular browser. This is just the way I like to do it and it keeps you organized and gives you a little more security.

Being safe while you earn is one of the top things you should be worrying about. It is getting easier and easier to have your passwords and your hard-earned Crypto stolen from you. It is easy to just go on any earning site and use the same email and the same password but this makes it just as easy for someone to come along and steal all of your earnings and lock you out of your accounts. It is the worst feeling to open your wallet one morning or get on your best-earning site or app and see a zero balance.

This might seem a little over the top and a lot of extra steps to take but I promise you it will be worth it in the end. You can never do to much when it comes to keeping your money and information safe.

I hope this article was able to help someone out and If you know of any other tips for keeping your accounts and wallets safe I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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I am working on my next article and should be finished within the week. I hope everyone has been enjoying my articles and I have been helping people learn and earn a little more.

If you are interested in some of the sites I use to earn then here is a short list.

 Current Earning app - Earn listening to music. Check out the article I wrote about this earning opportunity. Earn Listening To Music






If you want to learn more about these sites then please check out my article Easy Earning Future Learning.

Thanks for taking the time to read and stay tuned for my next article. I have found a new earning opportunity that I think people are going to enjoy. If you have enjoyed this article or just want to say hi then please leave a comment.

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Written by   253
2 months ago
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