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4 months ago

Hello everyone! I am back with another site that you might know but I am hoping you do not. This is among the few sites I use regularly. I have done my fair share of claiming on this site so have a good understanding of it.

Not everyone can afford to invest in Crypto.

Sites like this one give us little people a chance to be a part of this new financial system.

This site is another site that also uses FaucetPay as the way to withdraw. I do not mind this because FauetPay does not have a high withdrawal rate and they have their own PTC section and leveling section. Enough about FaucetPay, let me get into the main topic of this Article.

The Faucet is called CoinFaucetNetwork, Now do not let the site or name fool you. They are continually paying and have a very good referral program. The site pays 2 satoshis every 10 minutes. Most faucets nowadays only do 1 satoshi every hour so this is a good thing. If you do this a couple of nights with the other faucets I have shown you, you will start collecting a good amount of your Crypto of choice.

Here is a shot of CoinFaucetNetwork's front page.

CoinFaucetNetwork's front page is clean and well laid out. Of course, you are going to see a lot of ads, because this is the only way the page makes money. So they are going to try to cram as many in there as they can. I do not mind this as long as I can trust the site and this site has been very trustworthy so far. Every faucet claim goes directly to your FaucetPay account.

There is also a display to show you how long until your next claim which is pretty cool I thought.

This faucet pays you 2 satoshi for every claim and gives you 20% for every referral!

There is no need to withdraw which is one of the greatest things about this site.

Let me get into a little more CoinFaucetNetwork has to offer.

Next, I want to talk about CoinFaucetNetwork's affiliate program. You earn 20% from the people who use your link. This is pretty good if you have a lot of referrals. Even if you have a few it accumulates over time.

CoinFaucetNetwork also has an exchange-listed on their site but I am not too sure about it and have never used it. It is called, but I have never heard of it or used it so use it at your own discretion.

They also have some other faucets they have made which I will be writing about soon. Here is a list of them though just in case you want to check them out now.

CryptoEarns - This is one of my favorites because it allows you to build up over time and gives you 2 satoshi per claim.

BitcoinFaucetNetwork - This site is almost exactly like the one I wrote about today!

I hope everyone has enjoyed my article!

If you have please take a second to like and subscribe!

Until next time!

Also, I want to remind you about my favorite faucet! It is called CryptoWin! I wrote an article about it here if you want to read about it!

I hope everyone has an amazing day and I hope you are out there kicking life's ass!

Until next time.

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Written by   102
4 months ago
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&Next interesting way to earn cryptocurrencies... This is the generation & Era of a gamers.

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4 months ago

Times are changing, and the financial system has to change with it. Faucets are the only way people like us can get into the new system that is being pushed upon the world.

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4 months ago

Interesting post, how much do you usually earn on average per day or per week with faucets?

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4 months ago

Nothing that would seem worth it. Maybe $4 a month.

But if you think about it, after a year that $4 a month ends up being $48 a year towards savings.

The way the Crypto market keeps going, that $48 a year could end up being way more if you invest in the right Crypto at the right time.

That is also why I am trying to push my referrals, so I can make even more hopefully.

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4 months ago