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Earn HIVE and HBD with Ecency

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2 months ago

Before I talk about earning Hive and HBD with Ecency and what Ecency is I want to tell you a little about the Hive Blockchain.

What is Hive

Hive is one of the best Blockchain projects out at the moment (opinion)! Not only do transactions take around 3 seconds but there are no gas fees. Instead of gas fees, you are given resource credits. Every time you post or interact with a post you spend your resource credits. We will go over resource credits more later in this article. You can also check out their website to get more information.

Hive has multiple different Crypto projects associated with it but the main coins are HIVE and HBD.

HIVE powers the ecosystem and is extremely fast. HIVE works on DPoS (delegated proof-of-stake) consensus mechanism.

Hive-backed dollars (HBD) are a unique type of trustless stablecoin that is backed by the underlying value of the Hive blockchain itself and pegged to the USD. This backing takes the form of an on-chain conversion operation that lets HBD be converted to an equivalent USD value of Hive itself. - Source

Hive is not only a social blockchain project but it is something much more. It has games, NFTs, music, gambling, and so much more.

There are multiple social platforms, blogging, and so much more that it would take me forever to go over all of it. I will not be able to do it justice in a short article. This project has so much going on it would take a small book to go over all of it.

Hive is an innovative and forward-looking decentralized blockchain and ecosystem, designed to scale with widespread adoption of the currency and platforms in mind. By combining lightning-fast processing times and fee-less transactions, Hive is positioned to become one of the leading Web3 blockchains used by people around the world. - Source

What is Hive worth

At the moment of writing, HIVE is worth $0.48. HIVE's ATH was $2.67. I think this project is undervalued and could reach way more in the not-so-distant future.


Ecency is one of many social platforms on the Hive Blockchain. Ecency is one of my favorites. This social platform allows you to post full-length articles, short posts, videos, and pictures. Big-name companies like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are stealing your worth. Ecency and other social blockchain projects are allowing us to earn back what we should have been earning this whole time. I know that Ecency is a one-of-a-kind platform but I needed other old platforms to compare it to.

Ecency is one of the many platforms on the Hive Blockchain that are revolutionizing the social industry.

How does Ecency Work

You will need to create a Uhive account before you can experience Ecency. There are different ways to sign up. You can sign up using Ecency (Easy to use and Free), Hive onboard (Free), Hive Wallet ($3.52), Inji ($3), and Blocktrades ($3). I suggest doing some research and figuring out which way is best for you. If you want to take the easiest route then I also suggest using Ecency to sign up for a Hive account. I also suggest checking out Hive Keychain for your browser. This will allow you to sign in and approve transactions faster and see your funds and resource power.

Resource Credits are non-transferable credits given to each account based on how much HivePower it has, which get “spent” whenever a user transacts with the Hive blockchain. - Source

After you have signed up you will be able to sign in to Ecency. When you are first on the website I suggest exploring it for a while and getting the feel of the website. There is a lot to look through. There is also an Ecency mobile app. You can Click a button shaped like a rocket in the top right corner of Ecency's website and a QR code will come up. Scan that QR code with your phone and it will bring you to the app.

Unless you decide to stake some HIVE you will not be able to post and comment that much at first. You can post about once a day at first but not comment. After a couple of days, you will start earning more Resource Credits. To speed up the process and be able to post and comment more right off the bat you will need to get some HIVE and stake it to power up your resources. You do not need to do this. Just post once a day on Ecency and be patient and you will start earning HIVE and be able to build your resources up over time. This is a true earning platform where no investment is needed. All you need is patience and to make sure your content is understandable, not copy pasted, and interesting. This will make the process go that much quicker.

What other platforms run on Hive







Rising Star

Check out the full list on the official Hive website.


Ecency is an easy-to-use and rewarding social blockchain platform. Allowing you to earn your worth for posting content is growing and showing everyone that the revenue from your posts should not go to these big-name social platforms but instead be given to the content creator.

Platforms like Ecency are revolutionizing the social world and showing people that content creation can be more than just likes. It can become a small side hustle and gives the power back to the people.

If you have not heard of Ecency I suggest checking it out. Do not expect immediate rewards. Be patient and keep posting every day about interesting topics. You can post about anything and everything. If you think something is worth posting about then I am sure there will be other people who will enjoy reading your article.

There is a lot to go over when it comes to the Hive blockchain so if I missed anything then I suggest checking out their website to get a better idea about how it works.

Check out my website for more ways to earn, learn, and invest in Crypto!

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2 months ago
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Hive is a great platform. I signed up last year, but only started posting there last month. I'm hooked :)

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I think so too! I signed up a while ago too and just started really getting into it a couple of months ago. Thanks for the comment!

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