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Why I choose Brave Browser

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1 year ago
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Why Brave browser? And not the Chrome browser is a question that can only be resolved once you've downloaded it and tried it out. Protection, speed, incentives, and privacy are the four key reasons for using the Brave browser.

The Brave browser is based on the Chromium framework, a Google-maintained open-source project that also acts as the basis for the Chrome browser. As a result, the Brave browser is compatible with virtually all Chrome extensions.

Brendan Eich, the developer of Javascript and co-founder of the Mozilla browser, co-founded Brave Software, which produces the Brave browser. It is available for desktop, Android, and iOS and is free to use.


Since Chrome is a Google app, it saves user details such as location, logins, and so on. Brave, on the other hand, does not save any information about its users. It also upgrades to https automatically for secure, encrypted communication. This demonstrates that brave is much more safe than chrome.


Although Chrome is larger (1.8mb) and takes up more space, brave is smaller (1.244mb) and therefore loads faster. It doesn't support banner ads or ad trackers, which makes a website load eight times faster (as claimed by the brave software). The loading time is demonstrated in the video.

While the browser loads faster than Chrome, it is not eight times faster as the company says. The feature that I enjoyed the most about the browser is that you no longer have to see those irritating advertisements when surfing.


This is where Brave outperforms chrome by a factor of ten. You can use two types of Private tab windows for it. The first is named New private tab window, and it functions in a similar way to Chrome's incognito window in terms of non-tracking technology. The second is Tor's New Private Window, which renders you totally anonymous or invisible to your ISP, boss, or the website you're visiting.


Through its Blockchain-based digital advertising platform, Brave software rewards its users. The native cryptocurrency token, BAT, is used to reward both content creators and their users (Basic Attention Token). Every month, users are also given a free token, which they can use to tip their favorite content creators, such as us.


Finally, I'd like to point out that the Chrome browser keeps you linked to the Google ecosystem at all times. This means you're being watched all the time, which is a serious breach of privacy. We've been avoiding it for quite some time because we've never had a better alternative. Thankfully, the Brave browser is now available.

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Written by   19
1 year ago
Topics: Cryptocurrency
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