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Blockchain on Music Industry

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The launch of bitcoin brought blockchain technology into the spotlight for the first time. In the financial industry, the innovation paved the way for creative solutions. Developers found that the technology could be useful in a variety of other fields as time went by. Ethereum's launch provided a forum for crypto developers and enthusiasts to build smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) for a variety of industries, including healthcare, food, justice, education, supply chain, and voting, among others.

One of the most unusual applications of blockchain technology is in the music industry. The music industry has risen in value over time, reaching billions of dollars. Despite its enormous progress, the industry is not without its flaws. One of the major problems in the industry is that artists are not paid royalties for their work. Blockchain technology has a number of advantages that will help to improve and revolutionize the industry. So, what role does blockchain play in the music industry?


In the music industry, the blockchain system can provide a fast and safe way to handle money. Unfortunately, there are many instances of abuse in this vast industry. Artists are financially exploited by record labels, agents, festival promoters, and other third parties.

Even in this modern era, where the music industry has flourished, everybody profits but the artists. The revenue generated by blockchain technology will be transparent and traceable. It would also cut down on payment delays, making it easier for new artists to break into the mainstream music industry.

Keeping Track of Things

Blockchain-based record-keeping provides the music industry with secure backup, improved search capabilities, protection, and content control. Blockchain would also aid in the monitoring of sales records, the booking and management of shows, and the tracking of payments. People in the music industry may also use blockchain to store client information.

Typically, each of these tasks necessitates a lengthy process involving several individuals. All of these will be more transparent thanks to blockchain technology, which will save time. The records will be accessible to everyone on the blockchain, which will improve accountability for all parties involved.

Distribution of music

The music industry will gain a lot from blockchain technology when it comes to music delivery. The technology has the potential to provide a direct connection between artists and listeners. The blockchain system would eliminate multiple intermediaries that currently control the music industry due to its decentralized design. Industry players may also use the framework to create improved music distribution sites that are both open and inclusive.

The gatekeepers who regulate the majority of streaming make it a costly and time-consuming process to get music on reputable and well-known channels. As a result, blockchain would provide an opportunity for all musicians to showcase their work. It would also and the time it takes for newly released music to reach listeners.

Smart Contracts

Contracts are the lifeblood of the music industry. For personal gain, third parties in charge of artists' contracts often extort and prolong the procedures. Smart contracts will be made possible by the adoption of blockchain technology in the industry. Without any middlemen, blockchain can promote, validate, and negotiate contracts for artists. The method would be streamlined as a result of the technology, making it both cheaper and quicker.

Through maintaining records of deals open to all parties, blockchain also prevents contract violations and vulnerabilities built with malicious intent. Blockchain can assist in cleaning up the mischief that exists in certain record labels.

Obtaining a license

Licensing is a time-consuming, costly, and often difficult operation. The music industry necessitates a number of permits, which can be time-consuming for both new and established artists. Blockchain technology has the potential to simplify licensing processes and make them more efficient and transparent. Artists would be able to schedule their concerts, record music, and sign labels more easily if the licensing process is simplified.


Views, downloads, and streams would be easier to monitor with Blockchain technology. Charts and ratings are often inaccurate since they enable people to gather data from various sites and websites before adding the numbers together. These figures are often used in award shows to judge the success of songs and musicians.

In the music industry, award shows are common, exciting, and important. These ceremonies have been accused of racism in the past and have been shown to be inaccurate at times. Since it provides reliable and precise details for all to see and verify, blockchain can make them free, equal, and transparent.


Non-affiliated parties that post music on their websites without permission cause substantial damages to copyrighted artists. During concerts, for example, many people record and share, splitting views and interest away from the true copyright owner.

All posts, shares, and actual sales can be tracked on blockchain, making it simple to assert the funds. Furthermore, the device would aid in the tracking and reporting of illicit music practices, thus safeguarding creative intellectual property.


It may take some time for the music industry to completely embrace the blockchain system, owing to the fact that many people profit from the current system's flaws. Some people are taking advantage of the music industry and abusing musicians. Since they stand to lose a lot, they will most likely be at the forefront of resisting and derailing these reforms.

On digital platforms like Spotify, blockchain adoption in the music industry is slowly gaining traction. By streamlining distribution channels, these improvements would undoubtedly favor both artists and consumers/listeners of music.

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Written by   19
1 year ago
Topics: Blockchain
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We need a process to combine all program schemes with blockchain, there will come a time when all programs will adhere to the concept of blockchain

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Some of my friends are discussing how to use voting rights in elections using a blockchain system

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