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BCH sudden price up

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1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash

We have our ups and downs, but definitely in the end we will be on top.

Bitcoin cash is now trading at 693$ at thisctime of this writing. A 19.8% increase for 24 hours.

So what did trigger Bitcoin Cash to finally get up?

There is one thing that is on my mind right now that triggered Bitcoin Cash to climb up again above 600$ mark - Mr. Kim Dotcom.

Mr. Kim Dotcom created a website called to answer everyone who is criticizing him why he joined BCH. A simple innovation but very informative . This website highlights the benefits of Bitcoin Cash.

Mr. Dotcom is an internet entrepreneur who is behind megaupload and now, a supporter of BCH. He also said that for his next project K.IM, bitcoin cash will be use for the monetization payment. A bullish news up ahead for Bitcoin cash supporter.

You can check it out and be amazed on what it content it had here

After his tweet yesterday, BCH record a 728$ trading price today.

So if you're on twitter, please do follow Mr. Dotcom and start to share his tweet so people would know why should they choose Bitcoin Cash.

Btw, thanks also the and developers and to the funding person, I've seen also great people here, big or small making their efforts on contributing to spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash.

Spend, replace and earn. Lets get into the moon.

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Written by   19
1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash
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