"The Papin Sisters" - Horrendous Story of Christine and Lea

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Uncared mother and abusive father, thats the kind of Family the Papin Sister has. I don't know the feeling of having this kind of family but I have my imagination, so I know that it is disgusting.

Papin Sister case is one of the most gruesome murder case in France. This caught the attention of so many people in France. Some even adopted this crime into a play, film, songs, artwork, book and essay. The impact of this crime into the community was huge that they debated about it to the ground.

ūüďéFamily and Life

The unseparetable sister Christine Papin and Lea Papin, they have another sister Emilia Papin who was allegedly abused by his own Father. This three sister was the daughter of Clémence Derré and Gustave Papin they got married year 1901, October. While this two was still in the dating stage, Gustave heard a rumor that Clemence is having an affair with her employer. Buy they still continue their relationshit and they even decided to get married. But because their relationship was full of doubt their marriage didn't last long. While Emilia decided to leave her family and go to the convent to be a nun her other two sister work as a live in maid. They worked in different Le Mans house, they can't be separated and should work always together.

ūüďéWorking History

In the the City of Le Mans, a beautiful two storey town house was standing tall in rue Bruyère it was owned by a wealthy family the Lancelins. A retired lawyer René Lancelins, Léonie Lancelins his wife and their daughter Geneviève Lancelins. This is where Christine and Lea was working as a domestic servants. As an employer the Papin sister was treated well. From the food that they eat, the comfortable room where they are staying and they are paid in the standard wage in that time. And because of their dedication in their work, being hard working servants that helps the household, the Lancelins family was envied by every French family in the upper class household.

But off course not is all well in the Lancelin household. Just like in what you see on a movie where that household has a "know your place" vibe. They are not allowed to talk to René Lancelins, in their seven year stay there until when the crime take place they never spoken to him even once. Even Léonie won't talk to them and their means of communication was through paper, she will just write an instructions to the sisters. And just like others, Léonie was also into perfection as she wants everything and only the best in her territory. She also has this "white glove test" where she will test every furniture in the household to check if it was cleaned to perfection where the dust is her best enemy, it was her routine that wa performed everytime.


Year 1933, February 2. The sky was gloomy and surrounded by dark clouds. The rain was continuously pouring like it will pierce the roof put of the house. Lea and Christine who was alone in the house, while the Lancelins family was out. Léonie and her daughter Geneviève was in the city shopping and René was meeting Léionie's brother.

They are not suppose to go home and Papin Sister's didn't expect them to went home after shopping. They should go to where her husband is which is in her brother's house but something happened and they went back to the house with their shopping bags.

While the Papins sister is still busy doing some errand, one of them went ouside to go to the repair shop and get the iron. One of their work was to iron the clothes of the Lancelins, once they plugged the iron suddenly the fuse blew. And because they have no knowledge in repairing it they just decided to wait until morning to look for it as long as the Lancelins would not return home.

They didn't know that Léonie and Geneviève wa on their home and will arrive anytime soon. And when they arrive they tell them about the iron, that it was broken and the the electricity was out because of the fuse blew. This made Léonie angry and rampant of rage.

Christine maybe feel mad too because of the reaction of Leonie, she then get a pewter jug and then she use it into Leonie's head Christine smash her. Geneviève saw what Christine did to her mother that's why she immediately come to her and also attack Christine. This made Christine mad more and they say that Christine shout this "I am going to massacre them!!!"

Lea heard Christine shouting amd rushed from the attic and also join to Christine and attacked Leonie. Christine still shouting "Smash Leonie's head into the ground and tear her eyes." Lea did what Christine said while Christine move closer to Geneviève also to gauge her eyes into her face.

Leaving the mother and daughter without their eyey and because of it they can't do anything to defend themselves. Lea and Christine get a hammer, a knife and a pewter pot and use it to Leonie and Geneviève that killed them. After killing them they remove the clothes of the two and then cut their buttocks and thighs. And after cutting them Geneviève that time has her menstruation and use it amd basted it into Leonie.

After the murder the two clean themselves and hide in their room. But before doing it they locked every door first in the house and after that they went back to their room and lit a candle and waited for what about to come.

Rene who was waiting in Leonie's brother house returned home with his friend after his wife and daughter didn't show up for dinner. And he was surprised when he return home and the house was locked with the lights off. He immediately contacted a police and force the door to open.

And when the door was finally unlocked they found the two sisters in their bed, lying in their birth suit . They confess to their crime that it was a double murder but they also claimed that is was self defense and Christine said "It was her or us." While Lea on the other hand told the police that she will be deaf and dumb from now on.


After a number of trial the court convicted the two sister as sane and guilty and Christine Papin was sentence to death while Lea Papin get a lighter sentence and considered as accomplice. Christine Papin was executed with guillotine year 1933, September 30 at Le Mans. While Lea get a hard labor for 10 years.

And while Christine Papin was waiting for her execution she became unstable and tried to gauge her own eyes. Because of what happened they put a straitjacket into her to prevent her from injuring her self. But she still find a way to kill herself, she starved herself and year 1937 she finally say goodbye to the world.

And Lea Papin after spending her sentence for eight in the prison and also because of her goos behavior year 1941 she was finally released. After her released she went home in her mother and lived with her quietly under different name.

We don't really know the real story regarding the murder of the Lancelins and only the Papin Sister who knows what's really happen. It can be they are really defended their self or they really intended doing it because of the treatment of the family with the two sister. But whatever the reason is we can't be the judge here and just call them names. Only God can do that because he's watching us.


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