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When you are in a relationship seems like everything was perfect. You are full of love and doesn't have problems. Even if you have problems you don't think of it that much because in your mind nothing's beat the happiness that you are feeling, right now.

You have a light of thinking, never occur in your mind that you'll be heartbroken someday. Because, who in their right mind will think negatively when it comes to relationship right? Especially when your heart was filled with so much love and positive view in life.

That's why people get depressed when they experience a heartbreak right? Coz they think their love will last until forever, it is strong and any problem you'll face will be solved together. Without thinking that someday they will face the same problem that others experience.

You all know that even if you are married and you started with so much love, there still a day where you will feel suffocated in that relationship. Especially if that relationship was on the safe side, you know it's like perfect. They never fight or had a quarrel, in relationship quarrel between lovers is normal. It's only mean one thing, that you love each other.

There is no perfect relationship, but even if you experience that pain, I hope you recover from it and then find someone again that you will feel love again. Don't be afraid to try having a relationship again, if you have moved on, then remember, love is not bad at all.

This may leave some scars, but it will also leave some learnings to you. Think of it as a lesson that make you stronger. With a mindset that "I experience worst than this but I'm still alive and strong, so no one can make me ever feel down anymore!"

With that in mind, you'll be more stronger that every problems or even another heartbreak will never make you depressed. You will fight for it and in the end you will have your own version of happily ever after.

Find your love until your destiny finally arrived.

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