Crazy Love I'll be Waitin'

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I'm a bit crazy when it comes to love

I do anything just to get what I want

I don't give a damn if someone get hurts

As long as I'm happy and I did what I can

Even if I'm crazy I give my all when it comes to love

I don't leave some for my self

I will give my all from my heart and my soul

As long as my man is happy it doesn't matter even if there's nothing left for me

But why even if you give your all to them

They will still give you a heartache?

All I do was to love them but they give a wound that is hard to heal

Do you think I will experience that love that everyone ia dreaming?

A happy ending

A lively wedding

A child who's singing

A love that growing

I will give my best when it comes to love

I will fly high just to give you what you want

As long as you love me the way I love you

And you will never leave me when you discover I'm a fool

I will wait for you darlin'

Even if my hair turns gray

I will never surrender I'll wait

Until 50 or until my last breath

I'm crazy but that's how I am...

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