As a Mother

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I am just crying while watching my daughter fighting for her life. If only I can switch with her I will, I will be in her place just to stop her suffering now.

Being a mother is really hard. Especially if you have no one beside you. I don't have someone to lean on. If only I know who is the father of my child.


I was 18 when I got pregnant. I only have a mother who is always busy with her own life. If you did'nt see her in our house i'm sure she's just with her friends, with their boy toy.

As a child who is always seeking for attention of a mother, but can't get it because she doesn't care. All i can do is find it to someone else. Yes, I become rebellious and I do anything just to make her notice me. But sad to say, I get nothing.

So I just continue doing it and just go with the flow with my so called friends. They introduce to me anything that can make me forget my loneliness. They are just like me, attention seeker.

Alcohol, drugs, smoke, party all night and anything that can make a person high. But I still stop myself when I think I can't take anymore, I know when to stop. I started when I was 16, and my Mom? Still the same as ever, she never care.

I meet different people while doing this. Different stories and different baggage of their own. Being rebellious is not always because we are a brat, it's because we have problems and this is the only solutions we have.

Thinking all of it will just make my mind crazy so I'll just do this. I have the right to do this right? This the only thing that I can think off to stop thinking and stop caring for my Mom.


The sound of a beeping machine stopped Allison from going down memory lane. She immediately stand up when he heard it.

"W-what's going on? She stopped the doctor that is about to go inside the room but she was ignored.

"Oh God, please please, not my Baby she's the only one I have please! She can't do anything but to cry and pray and wait for them while attending to my baby

Her tears won't stop and she was helpless and hurt as she watch her baby fighting for her life. "Please!!!!!!"


One time, it was my friends birthday. She was having a party and we are all invited. Off course I came, it's a free drink so I can't really say No to her. I am thankful to her because she's really good to me. And I can spend to their place because her parents are always flying into somewhere for their business trip.

The party started at 8pm, booze all over the place. Some are busy dancing and some are having the time of their life. I was just on the corner sipping my drink, I suddenly feel lazy to drink more so she just watch everyone doing their things. She was pacing out when suddenly someone covered her vision of view. And as he look up, he saw someone she doesn't know.

"What do you want?"

"Hi, I'm Luke by the way." He move his hands to her but she didn't accept it.

"That's not my question!"

"What if I say, I want you?"

"Pissed off!"



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