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The Diary: I grew up like that

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6 months ago

Hello everyone! I am new here in I hope everyone will like my story.

Let me tell you about my childhood first. Growing up in a big poor family was not that easy. We are a family of 8. So, struggles were everywhere. My parents don't have much money to give us proper meals(1day 1eat), buy us proper dress, give us proper shoes, slippers and bags. I remembered, we can only have proper dresses if our neighbors gave us their worn out dresses. My parents can't afford buying us brand new shoes and bags. Our school uniforms were all coming from our neighbors. We were like charity case. I even grew up picking up metals and plastics; and sell some vegetables to my neighbors so I can have money to buy some crayons and papers. At the young age, my mind was already opened to the world of being half independent. I grew up with a lot of judgemental and down-looker people. I grew up in a world where myself ask "Why is it life so unfair?" I grew up in a world where your relatives thinks we are their slaves. I grew up where your parents are nowhere to be found during your ceremony days. I grew up where your grandparents neglect your father. I grew up where favoritism is always there.

I grew up with hatred.

I grew up with jealousy.

I grew up with nothing.

I grew up negatively.

I grew up like that...... How about yours?

So, guys that's it for today. I need to rest first coz' reminiscing some things will bring the old me. But I know through I can unleash these things inside in me. I somehow felt relief sharing this first step. Thank you!

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Nice post! Welcome to this platform. I understand what you're message is, I also grew up with those judgemental person. Many has said I will never be able to finish my Secondary since my mother was pregnant during her studies. I was deeply hurt, I cry in silence and then continue living. It was never so easy growing up without love, support, care, attention and even happiness that is supposed to be, we have, but because if the people around, talking nonsense on us and who is not hoping for our success, sometimes we feel so down, and I know it is normal. Sometimes we need to feel the pain in order to recover. I hope you can get along ate. I know now that you already have your own family, I know things happened from your past will be your source of strength. Never let same thing happen again, same words and even conclusion. I believe God put you in a situation where you can win.

Keep posting, I would be glad to read all of those!

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6 months ago