Flowers are used to express different types of emotions. Happiness, sadness, love, grief.

Today, I’m posting these flowers to express grief. I’m going to a funeral today. A distant relative, my close friend, and my business partner at the same time lost his mom. She was in her 70s and she was ill for a long time and last week, she finally passed away. Though her death was expected, it’s not something that we can easily accept. Knowing that we won’t be able to see them alive again, hug them, laugh with them.

So I’m allowing him to grieve and I’m just here for him, to help him, and assist him in anyway I can.

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@Hamxikhan2003 posted 2 years ago


Death is one thing that are most welcome at certain instances. We become really certain that it is on its way. But in as much as we expect it, we need to mourn the dead.

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2 years ago