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Splinterlands is the word, swing it like a sword! (weekly Hive&co portfolio updates)

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1 year ago

For today I am just checking my Hive portfolio and other 2 secondary blockchains - TRX and BCH. SPT - this is the Splintertalk forum one, is down like 18%, as everyone right now is either selling on buying vouchers for Splinterlands. I totally understand, if you get 100, you get 10 packs extra, that is $40 value, if you get 500, you get 75 packs extra, that is $300 bonus value, and if you get 2000, you get 400 extra packs, at $1600 bonus. Plus, if you buy 1000 packs you get the Legionaire title, that alone will give you 100.000 Airdrop points bonus. And in terms of Extra special cards airdrop, for every 50 packs you have a guaranteed card, and for every 1000 packs a guaranteed gold card. Yes, this measures help the whales enormously, and not so much the begginers, but then, once the presale is finished, you can get a pack for $4, and you can pay with SPS (this one is the governance token) for some discounted price. So, in conclusion, if you can afford to buy multiples of 50 packs, buy it on presale, if not, wait for it to finish and buy them packs normally, using SPS.

Hive: 2904 - $2367 (+34)

SPT: 1040K - $8549 (+3K)

Leo: 6096 - $1660 (+48)

POB: 2510 - $386 (+52)

Passive income tokens

LENM: 30 - $212 (zero)

LBI: 200 - $55 (zero)

BROFUND: 40 - $194 (zero)

UTOPIS: 20 - $57 (zero)

ARCHMINER: 2.5 - $79 (zero)

DHEDGE: 230 - $30 (zero)

Total: $13498 ($15437 last week)

With an decrease of almost 1938 $, mostly due to Splinterlands related tokens, the portfolio is still doing well, and out of my monthly targets, I have only the 3000 Hive one left, with 100 Hive needed to complete the task. On Splinterlands, Day 87/365 of the airdrop, i got my desired 40K SPS staked, and another 4100 in liquidity, building towards the big presale buy, and voucherwise, i have almost 51 vouchers right now. I was also paid 30 ASH for Cryptobrewmaster quests. (The games I play right now on Hive are Rising starCryptobrewmasterDCropDcity).

As for curation, I am upgrading my @leo.voter delegation to 2600 HIVE, and the @meowcurator one to 6000 LEO. I got 1 Million SPT to @monster-curator for STP rewards, planning to keep it at least until the Splinterlands airdrop ends.

My total BCH on Celsius is now 0.926 ($568) and it is possible to reach the fated 1 BCH this year, it seems.

This week I received 13 TRX ( $1.29) from staking Tron, and 102 TRX ($10.19) from staking WIN, so the total is 115 TRX ($11.48). I have staked right now 2M WIN and 10900 TRX, on my way to the yearly target of 11.000 TRX. The last two weeks the Wink casino paid slightly better than usual, so I may reach this yearly target of 11K TRX earlier than expected.

That's all for today.

All the best,


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Written by   66
1 year ago
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