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Every little step towards the light (BCH, TRX, HIVE portfolio updates)

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9 months ago
Topics: Club1BCH, Splinterlands, BCH, Trx, Hive, ...

My total BCH is now 0.81 ($356) a mere 0.02 BCH up from last week, yet one more step towards the 1 full BCH. 1 BCH Club, here I come.

This week I received 14 TRX ( $0.76) from staking 10050 Tron, and 55 TRX ($3.01) from staking WIN, so the total is 69 TRX ($3.77).

Hive: 1801- $532 (+67)

Leo: 2538 - $569 (+13)

LBI: 200 - $75 (zero)

SPT: 976K - $796 (+6K)

CTP: 2097- $12 (+13)

CTPSB: 50 - $25 (zero)

LENM: 26 - $39 (zero)

POB: 1760 - $364 (+15)

BROFUND: 13 - $21(+1)

UTOPIS: 4 - $4 (+1)

Total: $2417($2049 last week)

The total value is $368 up this week. The main increase comes from SPT - Splinterlands token, as the Airdrop for the game governance token starts next Tuesday, and it will reward us daily for one year. I sincerely predict Splinterlands joining Axie as the two best earning games on blockchain. Big plans for July, I dare to say 2000 HIVE, 1800 POB, 1 MILLION SPT, 3000 LEO, 15 BROFUND and 30 LENM. I am very close to reach the target this month on POB, BRO and HIVE, and one of the main achievement of the year, I have already reached the threshold for 3000 CUB today, and this means on average 30 CUB to be rewarded every week, for the moment. End of the month is near, and more Hive will come into account from the blockchain games that I play (Rising star, Cryptobrewmaster, DCrop, Dcity).

As for curation, I have delegated 1000HP to @leo.voter for some nice daily LEO, and 971K SPT to @monster-curator for more STP, planning to keep it like that until end of July at least.

That's all for today.

All the best,



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Written by   61
9 months ago
Topics: Club1BCH, Splinterlands, BCH, Trx, Hive, ...
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