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Latest supplements researched to help you sleep better (The miracle of a way too hot afternoon)

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1 year ago

After all these Covid19 mess, my sleep quality was affected, and from my body falling asleep at command, anywhere and anytime, now something changed. I do not know if it is my newly perceived mortality, as I realised that I can really go to the forever hunting planes of tomorrow, but right now sometimes it will take me 1-2 hours of squirming in my bed, before I fall asleep.

I have used different methods, with different results. The easiest one is to stay up until 1-2AM, and get tired enough to fall asleep, but this is not working when I need to wake up at 6AM to go to work. As it is impacting my productivity also, and getting not enough sleep will affect my next 48 hours on average.

So, as we are men and women of science, what should we do? Getting up to date with the latest research seems to be one of the solutions. What did I find:

  • Magnesium L-threonate - discovered by our friends at MIT, MgT (or MagT) how it is called, increases the density of the synapses, and can reverse the equivalent of nine years of brain age (as we know, or not, loss of synaptic density is equivalent with brain shrinkage and cognitive decline, or as normal people call it, ageing). So, main use was as nootropic, but it is also good for cognitive dysfunction, sleep disorders and anxiety. Few researches confirm it, but there is also some research that couldn't find enough evidence that MgT helps you sleep better. I presume that it is working in various degrees for various individuals, being good for some and not very efficient for others. Got the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, and take orally will increase the magnesium levels in brain.

  • L-Theanine - it is one of the aminoacids, can be found in green tea, some mushrooms, and Japanese researchers believe that this aminoacid is the source of the umami flavour or taste. Search online for umami, you are in for a treat, beneficial for so many, but this is not our subject today. Basically L-Theanine can influence the GABA, serotonine and dopamine levels, increasing the neurotransmitters promoting calm and decreasing the chemicals responsible for stress and anxiety. Also protecting from age related damage and stress, this one is known right now for the ability of relaxing the body without sedation, a relaxation where you are aware, due to the Alpha brain waves, similar with what we feel in the REM sleep (while dreaming). Obviously, you will sleep better and recover faster if you use it at the right time, before sleep, when the sun is setting, and 100-400 mg will do the job.

  • Apigenin - one antioxydant found in the chamomile, binds to specific receptors in the brain, responsible for reducing anxiety and initiating sleep. Translating for my brother, do not look for apigenin or chamomile extract, just make yourself a chamomile tea one hour before going to bed.

  • Magnesium bidglycinate - another magnesium with different properties. It is also calming, preventing insomnia and helping to maintain a healthy sleep pattern, but this time will normalise muscle function (including heart, as a muscle), relieving aches and spasms, and helps the digestive tract, useful in constipation. A 300 mg should be enough daily.

  • Phosphatidylserine - a fat molecule present in the brain, notable as it reducing cortisol and ACTH (hormon releasing cortisol), in chronically stressed people, only using doses lower than 400mg, combined with Omega 3, helping disturbed sleep, and it can be used as nootropic too.

  • Ashwaganda - is an adaptogen plant (helping body to cope with stress) and the root has a sleep inducing effect, can improve sleep quality and sleep onset latency if you have insomnia, you can use 300 mg twice a day.

  • Yerba Mate - this has an unique approach, as it has caffeine, but it seems that also has something else that over time will help you build tolerance to caffeine, so the more yearba mate you use, the less affected you will be by caffeine. Now, for some this is good, as they try to get rid of the caffeine addiction, but others need the boost provided bu coffee and the others, so, you need to decide what you really want before starting to use it.

Just a side note, I mentioned the adaptogen plants, the ones helping your body to cope with more stress. Maybe I will write a bit more about this, maybe not, one you need to know is that a magic plant powder or tea is just a little stitch, to help you cope temporarily, but what you really need to do is to change your lifestyle, if you are chronically stressed. No amount of pills or plants can help you to cope long term.

And with this, I wish you a nice day, and see you soon.

Signed out.

G. the plant master and druid of Londinium.

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Written by   64
1 year ago
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Wow... This is thick. All these in order to sleep well. Are there no natural remedies?

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1 year ago

most of them are natural. but this is just the research behind it, see for example chamomille tea. is just a tea, from the plant.

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1 year ago