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The Book Of Yesterday | May 16

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May 16, 1920

Exactly 101 years ago, when the young French warrior who rescued the kingdom from England during the Hundred Years War - Jeanne d'Arc, or better known as Joan of Arc, was ordained as a saint. Under the leadership of Pope Benedict XV, the ceremony of canonization, or consecration of a deceased Catholic as a saint, was performed on 19-year-old Joan of Arc, attended by as many as 60,000 Catholics and 160 descendants of the French female saint. . The appointment of Joan of Arc was also celebrated in Britain, which said her canonization would be a symbol of peace and unity between France and Britain that had once been mortal rival nations from the Hundred Years War to subsequent generations.

Jeanne d'Arc was the daughter of a peasant family in Domremy, northern France. Although he was not educated, he was fed with his mother's catechism and Catholic teachings. He was born at a time when his country and England were at war, and faced the threat of English conquest of France. One day, at the age of 16, Michael the Archangel, Santa Katerina and Margaret allegedly appeared to Jeanne d'Arc to inform the girl that God had chosen her to fight the English and drive them out of their kingdom. He approached the then prince -heir of France, Charles de Valois, to convey God's message to him, including helping Charles to sit on the throne of France.

Jeanne d'Arc won several battles against the English, of which even Charles was already envious of the maiden's popularity. But the Battle of Orleans in March 1429 made the maiden warrior famous. Charles de Valois was crowned king of France with the help of Jeanne d'Arc, but the maiden who had given way to his coronation was ruined by his enemies, when Jeanne was captured in a battle at Compiégne in 1430. Accused by the English in a trial Jeanne was charged with 70 counts, including heresy, witchcraft and heresy. Because of accusations of heresy and witchcraft, Charles VII did not even stand up to save the life of the man who brought him to the crown. Eventually, Jeanne d'Arc was convicted of such crimes and in Rouen, France she was burned alive on a stake at the age of 19 on May 30, 1431. As a sign of Charles VII's remorse for ignoring judgment of Jeanne d'Arc he cleared in a trial its name. Centuries later, the beatification of Joan of Arc took place in 1909 under the leadership of Pope Pius X.

Joan of Arc is considered the patron saint and national hero of France, and is also considered the patron saint of women soldiers. Every 30th of May is his feast day.


May 16, 1584

On this day in 1584, Don Santiago de Vera was appointed as the new Spanish Governor-General of Las Islas Filipinas, succeeding his uncle Governor-General Diego Ronquillio. He became the sixth Governor-General of our country after he deported his uncle back to Spain on charges of corruption and misuse of funds.

Prior to this, Governor-General de Vera was the chief justice of the Real Audiencia or the Supreme Court of Spain in the Philippines, after the Audiencia was established during the time of Governor-General Gonzalo Ronquillio de Peñalosa.

During his time he built many stone buildings within Intramuros, including the church of San Agustin, and erected bastions around Intramuros, to protect the corners of Intramuros from the invasion of mha pirata, including the first bastion in Intramuros Nuestra Señora de Guia, at the current location of the Baluarte de San Diego. He also dug ditches or the water around Intramuros, and planned the construction design on the present Fuerza de Santiago or Fort Santiago. He did not succeed in the construction of such a fort because he died in May 1590. Gomez Perez Dasmariñas who succeeded him continued the construction of the Fuerza de Santiago.


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Topics: History
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