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March 20, 1990

On this day in 1990, a year after the death of her husband, former President Ferdinand Marcos, former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, along with co -defendant Adnan Khashoggi, were arraigned in a trial in New York City in the United States for in racketeering cases.

Racketeering is the possession or establishment of a business through illegal activity, invested with money from illegal activity, or the use of such business for illegal activity.

Attorney Gerald Spencer served as defense counsel for the two, arguing that a foreigner should not be tried in an American court. Marcos ’camp opposes their use of the Thornburgh Doctrine, which prosecutes anyone inside their country in cases prohibited by American law, whether American or foreign. Spencer also told the court that he would also call U.S. President Ronald Reagan himself to testify about his relationship with the Marcoses, and if necessary would file a subpoena.

Later, due to the weakness of the evidence, the case filed against the former First Lady was also dismissed.


March 20, 1942

"I shall return!" This is perhaps the most famous line dropped in history, if not of World War II but in all of history, said the American general Douglas MacArthur. This historic statement happened in his speech today in 1942. It was when he was in Australia, in Terowie, South Australia.

In that speech, he detailed the fall of the Philippines, which he bravely defended, at the hands of the Japanese. At that time, the combined American and Filipino forces were retreating from Bataan and defending it from the more armed and stronger Japanese forces.

General MacArthur became a symbol of the Allies' struggle against the Japanese during times when America's war situation was dire. At the behest of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself, he evacuated General MacArthur to Australia but insisted that he would try to break the Japanese forces in Bataan. But as their condition worsened over the course of a few days, he and his family fled to Australia on a ship. It was March 11 when General MacArthur left and the general traveled to Australia for nine days. This was a critical decision for the USAFFE chief general.

The highlight of his speech in Australia was his sincere commitment, which became a symbol of hope and resilience in times of delirium, saying “I came through, and I shall return”. For two years the remaining Filipinos and other peoples of southeast Asia believed and believed in this statement by General MacArthur, which also inspired other guerrillas to continue to fight the Japanese occupation.

Two years later, in Palo, Leyte General MacArthur kept his promise. In March 1945, General MacArthur was able to return to Bataan and the island of Corregidor.


March 20, 1945

During the final chapters of the war in Europe, thousands of German civilians volunteered to join the Wehrmacht to fill the dwindling German army. Also added to the volunteer soldiers were volunteer armed militias or the Volkssturm, as well as forced civilians to hold guns and fight, and members of Hitler Youth, the official youth organization of Nazi Germany. They were both determined to fight in the name of their Fuhrer to the death.

Some of the members of the Hitler Youth, aged from 12 to 18, became messengers, intelligence agents, and sometimes even took up arms and were sent into battle. In recognition of their bravery in the face of battle, they are awarded a medal. One of these honors took place in front of the Fuhrer himself Adolf Hitler on this day in 1945, which was the last tribute he made and the last time he would be seen by the public.

Approximately 20 members of the Hitler Youth from the ages of 15 to 18, who were invited to Berlin for such a ceremony, gathered in the garden of the Reich Chancellery to receive honor and recognition directly from their Fuhrer. Under the leadership of Hitler Youth leader Arthur Axmann he introduced Hitler to unique young people who showed courage in battle. The video also captured the entire scene, where the video shows Hitler arriving at the place of honor and he one by one shook hands and greeted the unique youth of Hitler Youth. Not only did the camera capture the Iron Cross medal, but the camera also captured the young people's narration of their experience in the battle. The Fuhrer himself also invited them to have lunch with him inside the Fuhrerbunker, after which Hitler left them a message of inspiration and sent them back to battle. This was the last time the public saw their Fuhrer, a few months before the battle in Berlin in April 1945 and his suicide.

Footage of the tribute would have been released on the official newsreel of Nazi Germany for propaganda, to show that Hitler could still rule. But the video footage itself also became controversial because it captured the unpleasant part of the ceremony, the uncontrollable tremor of Hitler’s right hand, which confirmed his hidden secret about his Parkinson’s Disease. This footage was thought to have been destroyed until the film containing the controversial footage was found in the 70s.

Why History?

What is the significance of our study of history? Does it have an effect on our lives today? The truth is that there is. It is important to know the history of our past so that we can understand what will happen in the present. We can also learn the difference between then and now by comparing events. Take for example people, places and equipment or things. Back then, people did not know much about what was going on in the world. It's just like what the real shape of the world is, why are there events that are mysterious to them that are actually only natural. People back then gave meaning to the things that were happening around them.

Perhaps also out of their curiosity, they discover objects or equipment that help them to make their lives easier. It can also be considered an ancient technology. Just like today, people now know a lot when it comes to technology. Using computers, cellphones, or high -tech things. I guess all the work is now using technology. You used to just wa lk or ride animals used for transportation, but now there are vehicles. You can pay for its service, and if you are able or rich, you can buy your own.

They are just one of the importance of why we need to know history.

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