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The Book Of Yesterday | March 19

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8 months ago
Topics: History


March 19, 1731

This Women's Month, let's recognize one of the great women of our race, Maria Josefa Gabriela Cariño Silang, or better known as Gabriela Silang, the first Filipina to lead a revolt against the Spanish occupiers.

He was born on this day 1731 in the present town of Santa, province of Ilocos Sur and the son of a merchant Anselmo Carino, and of a native Tinggian from the province of Abra.

Just to lift her out of their poverty, Gabriela's parents managed to reconcile her with a wealthy old Spaniard, but three years after their marriage Gabriela became a widow at the age of 20, and she inherited its wealth.

He first met Diego Silang, who was then traveling back and forth to Ilocos Sur from Manila, and Diego fell in love with the young widow. But because Gabriela was still mourning the death of her husband and she had not met Diego before, she did not pay attention to it. But because of Gabriela's avid lover and feeling that the young man's love for her was sincere and pure, they also agreed to be together five years later, and in 1757 they got married. It is not clear whether their love has produced offspring, but what is clear is that Diego and Gabriela have become partners, not only in their love life, but also in revolutionary work.

When news of the fall of Manila to the British in October 1762, Diego took this opportunity to revolt against the brutality of the Spanish rule in the province of Ilocos, and the British promised to accompany them in their rebellion. against the Spaniards. Diego Silang's rebellion against the Spaniards would have been a success, if not only had he been killed not by the Spaniards but by his fellow Ilocanos, and his friends Pedro Becbec and Miguel Vicos had killed him in May 1763.

The widowed Gabriela resumed her husband's unfinished battle, and was later nicknamed General, and is often described as riding a horse and mentally armed. Together with several thousand native Tinggians and his uncle Nicolas Carino they led the rebellion against the Spaniards in the town of Vigan, Ilocos Sur on September 10, 1763 but were easily defeated by the Spaniards and their native allies as well. . Gabriela Silang, Nicolas Cariño and their other supporters were arrested. And before the public on the 20th of September, 1763 the revolts of Vigan against the Spaniards were hanged one by one, and Gabriela, at the age of 32, finally put her neck in the gallows.

The Order of Gabriela Silang is the highest recognition in the Philippines given only to women who have made a unique contribution to the country. A Philippine Navy warship was also named after her and the women's party list GABRIELA established in April 1984 also followed her name. And did you also know that an asteroid discovered by astronomer Eleanor Helin in 1993 was also named after her, the 7036 Gabrielasilang.


March 19, 1945

Who would have thought that German dictator Adolf Hitler would destroy his own country, in front of his own people as his Third Reich gradually collapsed. In the decree entitled Decree Concerning Demolitions in the Reich Territory, or what he called "Nerobefehl" or the Nero Decree which he approved on this day in 1945, Hitler ordered the destruction by any means of all important infrastructures such as of for transport and communications, and supply depots, ports and large industries in Germany. It aims to prevent Allies forces from using such facilities and structures. For Hitler, if the Allies could only defeat Germany, there would be no reason for such a country to survive, and for him, Germany had failed him so it should only die as soon as he also died. At that time, American and British forces were entering western Germany, while the Soviets were rapidly penetrating the capital in the east. Even before the Nero Decree was issued, a similar order was issued by Hitler ordering the destruction of the whole of Paris upon the retreat of the Germans there in August 1944, but it was not complied with.

The German chief official who would enforce the order was Hitler’s architect and Arms Minister Albert Speer, but Speer deliberately did not follow this order, as he could not afford to do so in front of the German people and was losing he also had faith in his Fuhrer. He also convinced all the generals of the army and of the SS, and heads of every district in Germany not to follow Hitler’s Nero Decree. Hitler was unaware of what Speer had done until he admitted it the last time he visited Hitler at the Fuhrerbunker. With Gross Admiral Karl Doenitz succeeding Hitler as President of Germany he repealed the Nero Decree.

Why History?

What is the significance of our study of history? Does it have an effect on our lives today? The truth is that there is. It is important to know the history of our past so that we can understand what will happen in the present. We can also learn the difference between then and now by comparing events. Take for example people, places and equipment or things. Back then, people did not know much about what was going on in the world. It's just like what the real shape of the world is, why are there events that are mysterious to them that are actually only natural. People back then gave meaning to the things that were happening around them.

Perhaps also out of their curiosity, they discover objects or equipment that help them to make their lives easier. It can also be considered an ancient technology. Just like today, people now know a lot when it comes to technology. Using computers, cellphones, or high -tech things. I guess all the work is now using technology. You used to just wa lk or ride animals used for transportation, but now there are vehicles. You can pay for its service, and if you are able or rich, you can buy your own.

They are just one of the importance of why we need to know history.

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Written by   5
8 months ago
Topics: History
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