Is it true that "One Day" of every Creation is equivalent to 24 hours on Earth

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It is not literally that "one day" in each creation of Elohim is equivalent to the time of the entire rotation of the Earth on its axis with 24 hours because no calendar was created when Elohim was just creating the lives in us.

The only basis on which we can determine the meaning of "DAYS" in the Bible is the use of so-called ZODIAC SIGNS, this thing has been used since 3,000 BC in the area of ​​Mesopotamia, and in fact, the Sumerian civilization was the first to have a record of its use as part of their belief in which the stars are said to be related to the course of human life over time.

The signs of the twelve zodiac signs or 12 astrological signs refer to the constellations in the galaxy such as the constellations of Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and others. these signs of the zodiacal constellations of stars represent the “Days” mentioned in the Bible.

In other words, “A sign” (sign) is equivalent to “A Day”, where the Sun is referred to as the time our Sun rises under the same sign as the Sun of the vernal equinox. This rising through the imaginary vernal point between two signs refers to the end of the whole Sun or the entire period of a signal and the beginning of a new Day or new period of a signal.

The vernal point tells what time an event is, for example, the time we are in now is the age of Aquarius, the time when Christ lived is the age of Pisces (age of Pisces), and the time when Moses freed the Israelites from Egypt was the time of Aries (age of Aries). These are called the "astrological age".

Each astrological age spans 2,000 years or 2,160 years or consists of 21 centuries, where the number of these years is based on the precessional rotation of the Earth or our Earth, a cycle consists of approximately 25,920 years (25,920-year period of precession / 12 zodiac signs = 2,160 years), it is also called "precessional of equinoxes".

That is, "One Day" refers to the length or duration of a signal, and this is the 2,160 years on Earth.

This is supported by several Bible passages (2 Peter 3: 8; Psalm 90: 4).

"But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a THOUSAND YEARS and a thousand years as ONE DAY."

If we count back from 1946 (the time of Aquarius) the year of the beginning of the "first creation" drops to 23,740 years ago or 21,800 BC or the so-called Capricorn period

1ST DAY of creation, 21,800 BC. The age of Capricorn. Here the Elohim scientists began to explore and study the various constellations and heavenly bodies, planets, solar systems, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth’s atmosphere, and all the properties possessed by this Earth using artificial satellites. "The night passed, and the morning came, that was the first day".

2ND DAY of creation, 19,650 BC. The age of Sagittarius. Studies continued until they had observed the ocean floor and the characteristics of the cloud. From their planet, they came to Earth aboard gigantic spacecraft to begin repairs or modifications to Earth. "The night passed, and the morning came, that was the 2nd day".

3RD DAY of creation, 17,490 BC. The age of Scorpio. They lifted the earth from the ocean in the manner of powerful explosions that looked like bulldozers and then piled them in one place to form the so-called supercontinent (Pangea), the original man-made continent on Earth. Then they created a cell of vegetables and various types of plants which in turn spread over the vast continent. This is their first artificial life made on Earth. "The night passed, and the morning came, that was the 3rd day".

4TH DAY of creation, 15,330 BC. The age of Libra. It was here that they thought of studying, analyzing, or observing the signs of the stars, the sun, and the moon so that they could compare the difference in the size of the day and the night, the moon, and the year from their planet and ours. This will help regularize their life on the new planet, where they can place themselves more accurately and they will better understand the Earth. Because of this, they have created their calendar that will guide their daily work on Earth. "The night passed, and the morning came, that was the 4th day".

5TH DAY of creation, 13,170 BC. The age of Virgo. They created a wide variety of fish from small to large, they also created seaweeds until they could balance ocean life. Then they created the birds, each of which possesses a unique characteristic. Some groups of scientists have also created giant animals, such as dinosaurs or brontosaurus. "The night passed, and the morning came, that was the 5th day".

6TH DAY of creation, 11,000 BC. The age of Leo. After fish and birds, they next created land species, both gentle and some ferocious, with grass-eating and meat-eating until they fully balanced it all as ecology. Eventually, they created Humans in their image, these were the first women and men. "The night passed, and the morning came, that was the 6th day".

7TH DAY, the rested day of Elohim, 8,850 BC, The age of Cancer. This is the time when some scientists have stopped creating life and just observed their achievements.

This was followed by the times of the Lost Golden Age (Gemini), the time of Apis or Enlil (Taurus), the time of Moses or Marduk (Aries), the time of Jesus (Pisces), and the latter is the era of Enki or Rael or our current era that only began in 1946 (Aquarius), this is also the beginning of what is called the End of the World. The End of the World means the time of the fall or end of the Church and its false beliefs that are now slowly happening.

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