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Develop Universal Outlook

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2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)

Today I was thinking about you Prophet’s saying: “The entire earth has been made mosque for me.” This means that for the ummah of the Prophet, the whole of earth has been made a mosque. This is a very new concept. What does this mean? It means that the mission of tawhid which started at the time of the Prophet would culminate in a period when barriers would no longer exist. The whole of the globe would become a field for us to work. The entire globe would be a platform for us. The whole of earth would, as if, be allotted to us. There will be no hurdles. There will be enormous opportunities to spread the mission. This made me realize that those who speak about difficulties are lying. There are really no obstacles. When it has been announced that the whole world has become a platform for us, there is no obstacle. There are no hurdles at all.

We should have the outlook given by the Prophet.

That is, we must consider all human beings as our brothers. Then, all of the world will be ours. We should not look upon anyone as an enemy. ‘The whole earth has become mosque for us’ means the whole of the earth is a workplace, platform for us. All opportunities have been opened up for us. This is why, complaining and fighting are wrong. Fighting will be against whom? It would actually be against our own brothers. So, now fighting today is totally for those who are ignorant. We should now engage in universal planning.

Now the world has come out of that age. We all must discover that today we are in an age when the whole world is our workplace. Our every planning should be universal. The only condition is that our hearts should be empty of negativity. We must not consider anyone as the ‘other’. All persons are our brothers and sisters. We have to work in the world with a new outlook. This is the universal outlook. I discovered this with clarity yesterday.

Those who know how to work with computers have understood this concept. But I understood this concept quite late. Yesterday certain events happened that made me realize that ‘we are for the world and the whole world is ours’. This is the mindset with which we must live in the world. But now people don’t read books. Now I think that the whole world is ours and we are for the whole world. The only condition is that you should not think negatively. You must have a positive outlook. You must think by taking into consideration the entire world. You must not have negativity even equalling to an iota. You must entirely remove all negativity from your mind.

We all have to present ourselves before God. If we keep complaining about the situation, God will say on the Day of Judgment: ‘O ignorants, I had opened up the entire world for you and you kept on living with complaints?’ Will we be in a position to meet God with this mindset? If we think some people are with us and other people are against us, then when we reach God, it would suddenly open up to us that we actually had the whole world for us. The entire world is meant for us to work for our mission. Every human being is your brother. Every place is yours. You have to work with this kind of universal mindset or psychology.

Yesterday I realized something unique. People are not interested in reading, I kept thinking what would happen.

But we should think that now we are not in an age of reading any more. People are only interested in listening. This is a touch-button age. The moment you press a button, you can listen to the voice of the speaker. We have to utilize this potential for our mission. Today no one is our enemy nor is anyone hostile to us. The whole world is for us to send out our message.

We are now in a new age. The moment you press a button, everything opens up to you. This is a great favour of God upon us. This is indeed strange that God has opened up the way to Paradise for us. He has given us all opportunities and removed all obstacles. We should work for God’s cause more and more. We must do dawah work more and more. Once there was a person , a religious scholar, who was not very educated but was a good speaker. He wanted to earn money. So he kept thinking of ways to earn. He found an interesting way. He travelled to various places and began delivering powerful speeches. He would say to people towards the end of his speech: ‘Build mosques and enter Paradise!’ He would then say: “There are many opportunities to enter Paradise! Avail of them!". Today the whole world is saying: “All ways are open for you. There are no enemies and no obstacles. There are voices coming from every corner: Kud jhama jham jannat!” This is indeed a unique age. Whether a person is rich or poor, or speaks this or that language, all obstacles have been removed.

I pray for all of you. May God make you all positive thinkers! May you become free of negative thinking! Then you will realize that there is positivity everywhere. The whole world will seem to give you the message: “Kud jhama jham jannat!” May God bless you all! Move ahead with positive thinking. Have no complaints, negative thoughts or anger. Learn to have love for all.

Some Questions regarding above article,

Q1. Some people refer to the hadith: “The whole earth has been made mosque for me.” They say that it means we have to establish Islam all over the place. Is this correct?

A1. This is a wrong understanding. This hadith speaks of the responsibility of dawah. That is, the whole world has opened up. You should do more and more dawah. The hadith is meant in this sense.

Q2. What is the concept of team work and organizational behaviour?

A2. I believe that team work means to have no negative thoughts for others. Team members should only have positive thinking for others. One should have no complaints against others. This is the meaning of team work.

Q3. The greatest obstacle for having a universal outlook is negativity. How to overcome this negativity?

A3. You should pray a lot. According to a hadith, “Prayer is the essence of worship.” This means that we can achieve everything through worship. You should pray and you will know that all doors are open for you.

Q4. In spite of being cautious, I see my emotional self often overtakes my rational mind. What should I do?

A4. You should pray. I had read a story in my youth. It said that there is a place in the mountains where there are many houses, but all are closed. There is a key which if you find, you’ll be able to find all doors. The person kept finding the key. I believe that prayer is the key to all doors. If you pray, all doors will open up. For prayer, you should turn your attention to God. You don’t need to learn any word. You only need to call out to God and all doors will open up for you.

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Written by   84
2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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Thanks dear

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Well written and understandable. well-done @Gulbano may Almighty Allah bless you with more knowledge.

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Thank u so much @Rioelder for your support and appreciation.. I will try more♥️

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