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Quantum Jump (Leap) Technique

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9 months ago

There is an intense energy flow in the universe we live in. According to quantum logic, human thinks and transfers energy to the universe in direct proportion to his thoughts. This energy, which it transmits through cosmic consciousness, is included in the flow of life.

Our subconscious shapes our lives. Negative thoughts chain us at the very beginning of the road, before we even take our steps. Positive thoughts motivate us and feed our self-confidence. The person using the quantum philosophy consciously clears his negative thoughts from his subconscious. It strengthens positive feelings and thoughts. It changes the perspective. This conscious effort spreads happiness and positive energy around the person. The high energy emitted attracts success and happiness. Our consciousness is the center of our senses and perceptions. Whatever we record there flows into our minds and comes to us as a thought. If we explain it in one sentence and based on the law of attraction: “What we think we live, what we think we become.

 What is Quantum Leap?

Quantum leap is a complex concept. Therefore, I think it will be more useful for you to understand with an example. Water is in liquid form. When we boil water, that is, when we apply heat, it evaporates and turns into a gas. Likewise, when the temperature drops to minus, it turns into ice. It becomes solid. All of these changes are qualitative. This qualitative change is actually the product of quantitative changes. The change of state of water, which we perceive as a liquid, arouses admiration and is considered as a splash.

The same is true for humans. People unconsciously develop patterns of thought and behavior for themselves. Going out of these patterns and moving to a different pattern is a kind of leap. The beautiful thing about jumping is that people get what they dream of.

It is through the development of awareness that one can realize one's own quantum leap. Whatever we aim at, we can think of as our destination. In order to reach our goal, we must first get rid of our prejudices. We can see it as a kind of road clearing, road clearing and removing obstacles from the road. Then we can move on by removing our inhibiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones. When we achieve this, we can achieve our goals at the right time. Our quantum leap leads us to our dreams.

 Quantum Leap Principles

The quantum leap is an understanding that overturns the classical understanding of fatalism. It rejects all the reasons we seek for our failures. It removes negative attributes such as bad luck and misfortune as much as possible.


There is a wonderful balance in the universe. We want it to give us what we want. However, what we experience is what we actually feel. So we have to be more aware of our emotions. Our emotions ignite the quantum leap.


According to the laws of physics, a substance can only exist in one medium. Quantum physics talks about the concept of parallel universe. According to this concept, a person can have another life as a result of his choices. It is enough to get out of thought patterns. He can lead the life he wants in a different universe. Starting from this point, let's summarize the principles of quantum leap if you wish.

Desire and decide

To believe that what we want will happen and to detail whatever we want as much as possible. For example, if we want to buy a house, we need to imagine how many floors and in which district. We strengthen our faith by detailing from wall paint to furniture, from curtains to carpets and even to accessories.

Using the power of imagination

To gather information

To believe that we deserve what we want and to be motivated.

Being determined and not giving up.

Trust your intuition and strengthen your intuition.

Instead of questioning how it would be, “How would it be faster?” focus on the question.

To appreciate yourself.

Not to lower the energy when faced with obstacles and to try different ways.

 What Does the Quantum Leap Technique Bring to Us?

Quantum philosophy, put forward by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, shook people's worldviews to their foundations. Undoubtedly, the concrete traces of the reflections of the quantum way of thinking on life were important. In this section, I will try to detail the effects of quantum thinking on our lives.


Our thoughts directly affect our actions. Quantum thinking forms the basis of both our physical and mental health. We are born with a high and perfect flow of energy. The anger, guilt, anxiety and fears we experience afterwards lower our energy.


The most important thing that quantum thinking brings to us is the opportunity to know ourselves. As soon as we know ourselves well, we discover our problems without an intermediary. Then we learn to manage our thoughts. We focus on solving it permanently. It is possible for us to solve our problems if we apply the right quantum leap techniques. Likewise, we begin to understand others and unravel the complexity of the universe. The quantum leap technique allows us to communicate deeply and effectively beyond what we know.


Our trapped energies try to make their voices heard in the physical dimension. It is necessary to find and confront the underlying problem. Afterwards, the treatment process is started with a positive suggestion. In this way, our physiological problems and stress are reduced. Inner peace, happiness and success are not presented to us on a gold platter. For this, we need to strive in a disciplined way. When we can control our thoughts, our mind map starts to paint the perfect picture for us. Reflections of this picture would also be desirable. In a sense, we use gravitational force. A power that filters out negative thoughts attracts our desires more strongly. Change-transformation-development takes place by applying quantum leap principles.

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Written by   23
9 months ago
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