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More than words: saying 'thank you'

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8 months ago

Giving thanks is a very valuable habit. However, many of us, myself included, are not able to benefit from this habit as much as we should. “Thank you” is an expression that can be used in many situations. There can be an answer in almost any circumstance.


Another reason we give thanks in general is to show that we value what the person has done for us. On the other hand, you can better harness the power of this word and attitude if you learn when and why to give thanks.

Compliments aren't easy to get. We often try to devalue the compliments given to us. Alternatively, by being overly modest, we suddenly make them worthless. Naturally, behind this behavior is not to appear arrogant. However, our approach may not always reflect what we want to reflect. That's why we need to respond to compliments properly.


Because there is a very fundamental problem here. You may have to inadvertently turn down a genuine compliment. This is something that could mean you don't understand the person giving you the compliment. That's why simply saying "thank you" is the most accurate statement to show that you fully understand the person giving the compliment. So you can make the person who complimented you happy with their behavior.

Understanding people is not always easy. Being closed to criticism means closing all avenues for self-improvement. For this reason, you should try to approach the criticism you receive in the right way. Your approach to criticism should be very different. Generally, the first thing you do when criticism comes from somewhere is to get defensive.


For example, when you receive criticism from your supervisor at work, your teacher at school, or a client, you shouldn't use the defensive as the standard response. This is extremely unnecessary. All you have to do is simply “thank you” and evaluate the information presented to you to improve your performance.

Why is it important to say thank you?

Thank you is actually a sign of satisfaction. If you want more from life, you must have the habit of being able to give thanks. You will need satisfaction for more happiness, a healthier life, better relationships, and a more productive life. When you manage to say thank you, you are halfway to happiness.


Better feelings.

More relaxation.

More flexibility.

Less jealousy.

Happier memories.


Less materialism.

Less egocentric.

More optimistic approach.

More self respect.

More spirituality.


More sociability.

Happier marriage.

More helpfulness.

More friendships.

deeper relationships.


Better sleep.

Less disease.

Longer life.

More energetic life.

More exercise.


Better management.

Better networking.

Better goal attainment.

Better decision making.

Higher productivity.

Even five minutes of satisfaction during the day can make you happier and healthier in the long run. Just five minutes of satisfaction will help you improve your health, relationships, emotions, personality and career. Of course, having more money can be pretty great, but due to the adaptation phase, the happiness we get from it is not always at the same level.


Satisfaction brings us more satisfaction. That's why five minutes of gratitude a day can make you happier than you could ever imagine. The genuine gratitude produced during these five minutes, however small, activates what has been accumulated. Thank you is an important sign of satisfaction. Satisfaction makes you happier by supporting every positive feedback.

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Written by   23
8 months ago
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Nice write-up 😎 I feel we should also learn to compliment others.

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8 months ago

you're right, we should do that too :) thank you

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8 months ago

Satisfaction is a big thing when you have satisfied with your work to your decision your happiness, really enjoy a full day with relaxation because you are satisfy.

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8 months ago

thank you

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8 months ago