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How To Be More Productive?

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8 months ago

When it comes to productivity, you can come across countless suggestions. Many of these suggestions renew each other, but it is difficult to find useful ones among them. Successful people easily eliminate this problem by creating a system, namely a calendar.

What kind of calendar do successful people use? There is only one clear answer to this question. You need to go the right way to equate the energy you have with the work you have to do. So you can be more productive by feeling in control.

Now I will introduce you to a very big secret. Almost all people who have achieved great success have routes to start their day. In other words, you should be on your way before nonsense occurs.

Whatever you do in your job, someone will definitely have various demands from you. In trying to meet these demands, you actually add something additional to your core goals. So you find yourself in a swirl of clustered targets. You need to act before goals compete with each other and get caught up in a mix of priorities.

If you want to balance your work and life, you need to know what is important to you and focus on them. Having clear goals will increase your self-confidence. Most importantly, you start to feel in control and open the door to productivity.

Do the important work first

Many people tend to immediately check their email and meeting schedule as soon as they arrive at work. In other words, they have made the biggest mistake of the day. Instead of following this path, you should follow the path you will find here for yourself.

According to the scientific data cited by Eric Barker, the brain's sharpest moment is "2.5-4 hours after waking up". You would be making a mistake if you spent this time doing mundane work. Instead, you should do your most important work and most important work within 2.5-4 hours of waking up.

If the situation at work won't allow you to do this, you can develop an alternative way. You can eliminate this disadvantage by doing the most important thing you need to do before you leave the house. If you do this, you will also be able to develop a sense of responsibility.

Gather your energy

People actually move according to a natural rhythm. You can think of this rhythm as an oblique "S" or a straight "U".

At 06:00, the human brain begins to act in the sense of arousal.

At 09:00, the arousal level reaches its maximum level.

Towards 12:00, the arousal level begins to decrease.

Towards 15:00, the arousal level decreases to the average level, but starts to rise again.

At 18:00, the arousal level reaches the maximum level again.

After this time, the arousal level of the human brain gradually decreases and decreases to a minimum level until 06:00. This cycle happens every day and this cycle is a natural cycle.

You can do much better at being productive if you keep up with the natural rhythm. For this reason, there is a term called lunch break in many countries. If you want to get the maximum efficiency from your lunch break, you should think about sleeping for a short time and collecting your energy in this interval.

If you think that successful people work hard and act without rest, I must say that you are wrong. Successful people devote their evenings to rest. However, I must point out that some people misinterpret this resting phase.

When evening comes, people usually try to relax by watching TV, playing games or eating. This is not a useful method of rest. Because these are all passive activities.

If you want to reduce stress to a minimum and relax in the evenings, you should head towards active activities. For example, you can meet your friends or go to the gym. If you can't do anything, you should spend time with your family or listen to music.

You can exercise.

You can devote time to worship.

You can listen to music.

You can spend time with your friends or family.

You can have a massage.

You can go for a walk.

You can meditate.

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Written by   23
8 months ago
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