A Dream but it feels Real and Scary

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6 months ago
May 16, 2023

Anyeong Chingu! How are you best people!! Hope you are safe and okay!!

I can't stop thinking about my dream yesterday that I need to share this to you because I need to lift the heaviness in my chest. I am really worried and praying I will not dream about it again.

This is my dream. In my dream there is this one woman that went to the second floor of our house. We are there, me, my sister, my nephew and my mother. On my dream I said to my mother why this lady went up to second floor and how did he do that if the door is lock. Then the lady was whining and she sit in a chair holding something. I don't know if it is a can or a water bottle. As soon as her butt reached the chair, she vanish in the air. We were all shocked by what happens but I went to the chair and I talk to the can or water bottle or aqua flask the lady was holding. For I remember I told something like do not come inside our house or stop scaring us. I have the courage to speak to the can and chair.

Then we started feel scared and our house becomes dim. I don't know if the lighta were turn off and all of a sudden there is someone, a male figure came out and will attack everyone of us. I stop him from doing that but it seems I am being stab by his nails or I can feel how sharp his nails were. He is a man but he looks a black creature that has a creepy face. He was very strong but I do not stop from defending my family, I really cover my whole body to stop him.

I started praying loud. I really prayed Our Father and Hail Marry while fighting for my life. I do not look into his eyes because it was so scary but I don't have a choice I need to stop him from hurting my family. All of a sudden I felt that it is just a dream. I shouted please wake me up, wake me up! I don't know how long it happens but I found myself losing my breathe when I woke up.

I don't want to think about it when I woke up, but I was too tired. I didn't get back to sleep. When I slept in the evening I'm glad I didn't had a dream like that.

I don't know the meaning of that dream, however, maybe it something to do with all the worries I have in my mind. I know I avoid thinking about it, but I still have the negativity inside of my system. Maybe it has something to do with it.

I don't want to dream like that anymore. I should stay calm and be at peace with my brain to avoid overthinking. I hope I get well with this.

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