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World Traveling?

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3 weeks ago

Traveling around the world is one of the wish lists that many people around the world have. Maybe we are one of them too, right? For me hahaha.

Traveling around the world in a sustainable manner is often cheaper than breaking it up into multiple traveling sessions. The secret is careful planning and buying the best good deals tickets as preparation. The cost that we spend is guaranteed to be more than worthy to get the experience of seeing many places in a short time. We can remember memories of things we experienced along the way. Exciting yes! So, here are tips to guide us in the best way to travel around the world.

# 1 Value your trip as a ticket around the world

It would be cheaper if we came to the agency and bought a dozen tickets instead of one by one, we might get the privilege and big discount for making quite a number of purchases at one time.

# 2 Check the flight miles facility of the airline which is part of the credit card facility

If you have a credit card that facilitates discounts or redemption of usage points with flight miles cards, then use it. It's really not bad for reducing the allocation of traveling costs.

# 3 Transportation equipment and document completeness

For example, where we currently live close to the next country, maybe we don't need a plane to reach it. Before traveling around the world, of course, taking into account the contents of our wallets, then as a start, we prioritize several countries that are close to the country we live in sequentially. Although it is still important for us to determine the means of transportation that we want to use. Maybe a plane or a boat and are there any further means of transportation to get to the destination, such as cars, bicycles and so on?

Also, make sure we have prepared documents to enter and travel to a country, don't let this become a matter that later makes it difficult for us because of the documents we didn't bring. Don't forget to also bring important insurance cards such as overseas travel insurance for a safer and more comfortable trip. If we are confused about choosing this overseas travel insurance product, how come you can do some research and search first at Futuready. Futuready is the online supermarket for insurance, researching insurance companies and their products that are the most suitable for us.

# 4 Find suitable hotels and inns

If we have friends or family who live in the country where we are visiting, it will be easier for us to solve housing problems. We can contact them and in addition to getting a ride to stay while we will also get a good tour guide if they have time to accompany us, if not then at least we can ask for advice, directions and what transportation we can use to get to our tourist destinations.

If you don't have one, the earlier it is to research which hotel or inn we will stay in, the better. Hotels and inns can be cheap but don't forget to check visitor testimonials, it would be better to choose safe lodging for newcomers like us.

# 5 Packing only necessary items

This may be a difficult thing for women to do, to pack the items as needed and not be complicated with lots of luggage. Why? Because everything feels important. It is very important to make sure the list we have many times before determining whether something should be brought or not. Overseas travel insurance cards, cellphones, other gadgets and cameras, for example, can be categorized as absolutely mandatory to carry. And don't forget to bring an international charger so you can still charge it wherever you are without plugs.

# 6 Live Cheap

At the destination, it does not mean that we are going to be happy when we arrive. Remember, we buy the experience not just to over-shop when we get there. The important thing is that as long as it is quite comfortable and friendly on our tongues for a place to live in food, right? This is also Plan B if, for example, suddenly we have sudden expenses that cannot be postponed on the trip.

Let's plan first about wishlist traveling around the world, if you have a really tight budget for the Asian region first.

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Written by   63
3 weeks ago
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