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Unimpressive togetherness

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4 weeks ago

Many things are other causes besides lack of communication and attention, one of which is gadgets.

Surely we have experienced the crunchiness of an atmosphere in which everyone is busy with gadgets that they hold individually. As if they don't see other people around them, and they don't care for others in the end. In fact, if we wanted to just pay attention to the surroundings by briefly putting down the gadgets and then talking to them, surely the crunchiness wouldn't exist. At least, we don't become individual humans, the goal of getting together is to be able to share with one another, if everyone uses gadgets the goal won't be achieved: D.

Some time ago, I saw my Facebook timeline filled with funny content in my opinion. So the story is that a husband and wife and their children are going somewhere. Since they were waiting, there was time for the two of them to chat directly with each other while waiting. Well .. because I know, this couple rarely meets at home because the husband's daily life is at work from morning to night without any days off.

So the funny thing is, in the same place maybe even sitting next to each other, they use Facebook for communication. They comment on each other's social media. I thought, why should I comment on each other, just say it right away. It was there that made togetherness but didn't give the slightest impression even though it was together.

Even though it could be that while waiting with not much time, he can listen to his child's story or his wife's complaints and even vice versa. Togetherness that is hindered by their respective gadgets. One more thing, household matters are not for your public consumption, this must also be kept in mind.

Use the Gadgets in place

Most people nowadays, buy gadgets not out of necessity, but because of environmental demands. Which person doesn't have a touch screen gadget now, everyone, especially young people, must hold this touch screen cellphone. Sometimes the use of this gadget sometimes doesn't know the place and time. There are times when we have to put our gadgets when we are with someone.

Well .. don't come to it because the togetherness gadget we have with others becomes bad or leaves a bad impression. Hopefully we can put ourselves in place .. Because the togetherness we have with the closest people cannot be repeated with the same situation.

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Written by   63
4 weeks ago
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