Why you shouldn't use "A mod APK file"? Risk of data theft!

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2 years ago

Few days ago I was talking about movies with one of my friend. So when we are talking about movies the first thing that comes our mind is oviously Netflix.

Netflix brings a revolutionary change in the field of entertainment especially. But the fact is Netflix is not a free service you have to pay for the contents you are watching.

But Netflix ensures our money is not wasted by bringing top quality movies and series in front of us.

Having a Netflix account is also a dream of the movie freaks like me.As we need to pay for the service, sometimes we are seen reluctant to get the subscription.

Rather we seems to be more interested on free Netflix services.We do everything just to get the free services and to stream movies for free. 

When I've said to my friend that Netflix is not free than my friend suggested to use "a mod APK" of Netflix.

These mod Netflix will unlock the movies for free.If we use the "mod APK of Netflix" than we don't need to pay to stream movies. 

Aren't you finding it interesting but I'm quite sure that you've also searched for these kind of applications for a long time. Yes you can stream Netflix movies and series for free by using certain "mod APK". 

This article will discuss why you shouldn't use a free service or these kind of "mod APK files".

As I knew the risks of downloading these malicious files so I told my friend I don't want to be get hacked.

I don't want to get my personal data to be stolen just for some free movies.

I also suggested my friend not to use these "APK" files for his own safety. Now here is why...

First of all ask yourself a simple question "Is anything in this world comes free?"No never ever nothing is free in this world and you have to pay for every single task you complete.

But what actually "a mod APK file" is?A mod APK files code is reshuffled by some developers so that the users can get the maximum benefit for free.


If you use the original product than you may have to pay for the service you are enjoying.

But these mods are giving premium services for free.Till now everything is alright and proper functioning but:

1) Why a simple calculator will require your devices "Camera" permission just to do some basic calculations? 

2)Why would someone is giving his time, money and everything to recode the main file to give free services?

What if the "mod APK file" you've downloaded contains malicious virus that can be used to crack into your device?There is a huge amount of chance this apps can do so.

3)These apps doesn't go through any security test so there is still some chance of getting infected.

Moreover as these applications aren't connected with the official server than who knows where your data is going to stored and who'll maintenance them. What if your data is sold to a third party by the developer?

4)Generally we don't get these files in any trusted software market like play store or App store.

So this is also raise a flag this files might be corrupted.Though may come with clean interface but who knows about their security?

5)As these applications codes are reshuffled than if the app developer puts a malicious virus there than we have just nothing to do.

On the other hand I'm repeating my first point again. Why a simple application needs to open camera to perform the works?

These are the points I've come to know about the risks of using a mod APK file. Though I'm not saying every mod APK file is corrupted but as we don't have the ability to see what is inside them so we should avoid them for our own security purposes. 

In this world of given and taken than who would provide paid services for free? Seriously! I've found an extraordinary article about this topic on the internet.

If you want to read it to know more than you can visit here:



Here is my two suggestion:

1) Now you know the risks you shouldn't give your personal informations for the sake of some free movies. If you had to really use "a mod APK" than find some trusted App developer.

2)See carefully what permissions this application is seeking from you to work normally. If you see something unusual than you should delete them without any hesitations.

Though we need to pay real money but for our own safety we should use the official versions of certain applications.

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2 years ago


Well, your warning about using the mod is quite convincing and of course I also prefer to use original software products to be sure that my data will not be stolen. For example, one of such popular solutions that I use is the pandadoc program for editing and rotating pdf files here https://www.pdfplatform.com/rotate . Perhaps it will be useful for someone to learn more about this handy and free tool. They also have the opportunity to create an electronic signature for free, which gives good benefits.

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