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Why you need to be consistent in your life?

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1 year ago

After today's lunch I've realised I didn't write any article for a long time so I thought of writing a article. Than another thought came to my mind what topic should I write on.

Than a great life teaching, an inspiring story and basically a life story just came to my mind.

So I thought of sharing my life story with you people what I've told my students about improvement in their studies. 

Few days ago I've given them some homeworks to do but they as usual escaped their homework. So I asked why they didn't complete their homework? They said they didn't have time, they were too much sleepy blah blah.

They are showing some stupid excuses to me so I thought I should teach them a new lesson today. So that from now on they don't dare to escape any homeworks.So what did I told my students?

I told them to be consistent in their studies and I've explained why and how being consistent in something is really helpful. 

In my article I'll share everything about being consistent in life.

-Let me give you an interesting example about this. Say you've food supply for ten days.You have to pass ten days with that exact amount of food.

So in that case what will you do to pass ten days?You'll eat only the required amount of foods to read. You'll not eat more that your requirement isn't it?

Because you know you if you eat more than your needs than you have to starve a whole day. Now think for a while why I've given this kind of example? 

This example is also applicable when you are learning or studying anything.You can't learn your whole syllabus overnight because we all know this is impossible for a student.

So you have to study little amount every day instead of learning the whole topic overnight.That's what I'm talking about being consistency.

You don't need to study 16-18 hours before the exam night if you study consistently from the starting of the semester.Just complete your small lessons every day what I've said be consistent.

That's the same thing I've suggested to my wicked students. I've told them to complete their homework everyday so that they don't feel pressure before exam night. 

- That's the same thing is applicable for me personally too. See I didn't write any single article for a long time I didn't share any stories.

So personally I'm also inconsistent in my writing. What is the problem of my inconsistent writing?I've lost my motivation and laziness entangled my mind.

If I continued my writing I'd have interacted with my audience, I'd got some new ideas, I'd get some entertainment because writing is my passion.

All this things I've missed for my writing inconsistencies. 
So one thing from my life experiences I can tell you no matter how good you write just try to be consistent.

In that way you can always improve yourself and you can continue yourself improving.From my realisations I should also be consistent in my writing.I wish I could be able to be more balanced in my writing.

-Consistency is more like keep going, continuing walking on the path.We all know if we keep ourselves motivated we can achieve our goal.

So in that case you can also become successful.There is more chance to becoming successful if you keep continuing your journey.

That's where again consistency appears. I've also told my students if they at least do there homework everyday more or less they can become more relaxed before the exam night.

This is also a lesson for me and for my students too. Because both of us want to succeed in our life and I know you want to be successful in your life too.

So be more consistent and be more balanced in your life. You will see success knocking at your door mark my words.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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