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Why I think constructive criticisms are blessings in disguise?

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1 year ago

After we've create something we show it to our friends, sometimes our closed ones to judge our works.

We show our creations to them to make a comment about our works to tell us whether our works are good or not.This is where the part of criticism comes apart. 

If we can define criticism it can be devided into two parts. One is criticism and the other part is constructive criticism.

Putting apart criticism today I'll writing about why I think constructive criticism is important. 

In the later of my article I'll share how a good constructive criticism is really helpful and motivates the creator to create something more creative.

In all my life I've gone through both criticism and oviously constructive criticism.

Criticism doesn't helped me honestly saying rather constructive criticisms from my friends helped me a lot to grow.

It also helped me how to be more functional,constructive criticisms also taught me how to think differently. 

1)When you create something you'll see everyone is praising you but only some of your closed ones will tell you to improve.

They will not only tell but also show you in which sides you need to improve a lot. This is what we can call constructive criticism from our friends and closed ones. 

2)If your friends or closed ones tell you to improve on particular side that means you have some lacking.

Your everything thing is perfect but only one or two side is not perfect at all. So if you focus on the weak points mainly in that way you can get better results. Working on the weak sides that's when constructive criticism is really helpful again.

3)Constructive criticisms will give you more ideas to think differently, to work out of the box, to be unique in the middle of all other bunch of ideas.

But how? When someone is doing some constructive criticism on your works and most importantly if you can get those words seriously than you'll see a lot of new ideas are coming to your brain.

 This is more like solving some mathematical problems, if you fall into a problem you'll try to solve it in a different way.

Just like this if someone criticise your works that means your work has some problems. 

And each time we fall into a problem it is like we are looking for solutions. When we are searching for solutions only this is when new ideas came.

I think you've understand this criticism mechanism greatly. So next time when someone criticises your works don't complain man.

He is giving you some free ideas to think differently, to act differently from the others.Just try to get his words and improve yourself on that way.

4)Some people have a very bad habit of criticisms. They can't take it as some random people is judging there works. But listen as long as you are creating something you are the owner of that project. 

When you've finished the work and showed it to people that the ownership goes directly to the people.

You can't force people to like your works rather if your works are really that much good than people will love it.

For example say you are making a red Ferrari toy car from unused items.You want to sell the red Ferrari cars to the kids or let's imagine you want to give the kids for free.

But what if the kids are fond of black Ferrari toy cars? In that case you can't really force the kids to take the red car. So you've to reassemble all the materials and make a black Ferrari toy car. 

Just see what your buyer/ audience/ clients/consumers are wanting from you, what's their choice, what's their preferences.

Constructive criticisms works that way you can get insight into your audiences world. And you can tell what things they will like the most.

So be nice to this kind of criticisms and do not overreact to those. 

5)And finally constructive criticisms are really helpful to get inside the audience.They are telling you what is right and what is wrong.

In a manner they are telling you what they prefer to be right. Just imagine if you really can get inside the critics if you are a buyer you can increase your sales to double.

These are the findings from my life experiences , from my works and what I've observed in this years. We should grow the mentality to accept criticisms because ultimately they are blessings in disguise.

Don't disrespect the critics and don't get demotivated seeing the criticisms. These criticisms are made just to make you better, stronger than ever and to make you unique in the market. 

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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