They laughed at our idea but it's a reality now. My science fair story

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2 years ago

Back in 2015 when I just entered into college ,I participated in a science fair for the first time in my life.

As this was my first participation I was very excited and had a lot of expectations. You know this is quite normal for someone having high expectations for the novice participants. 

To participate a science fair there are some rules that means I can't just go and show my project. I had to go through some preliminary test for example I had to show and explain my project to my teachers.

In my preliminary project analysis I had some painful experience.
Before writing my story let me tell you pros and cons of what was my scientific project. 

In my college days I was very interested in biological sciences more precisely in Biotechnology and Genetics.

There I've learned if we can successfully genetically modify an organism than we can get a spices which is different from the original one.

That took my attention greatly as I've come to know there are tons of advanced already achieved by Genetically engineering.

Scientist already got nutrient enriched rice's ,corn. They also invented a new species of brinjal which can fight against insects on its own. Can you imagine how much our farmers will get benefitted? It will not only lessen the production cost but also increase whole productivity. 

I and my teammate thought of creating something Genetically modified plant which will glow in the dark. To make plants glow in the dark we need to insert genes which is responsible for lighting into the plants genome. 

We are used to see some insects like crickets glow in the dark. Have you ever wandered how this insects can light themselves up? These insects have a chemical named luciferin inside them.

As the insects continues respiratory process ,oxygen inserts their body. 

Than oxygen and luciferin reacts with each other made another chemical element named oxyluciferin which is responsible for the insects to glow in the dark.

So our plan was to insert the chemical into plants body so that the plants can glow in the dark too. We've done tons of research on this topics and various renowned scientific organisations claimed it is possible.

After being sure it is possible than we shared our idea for the preliminary test. 
Now the question is why we were interested to make plants glow in the dark?

Glowing plants can be a great substitute of electric lampposts thus can save lots of power. Now think what impacts it can bring to the developing countries?

Glowing plants will be undoubtedly a renewable energy source. Moreover it will decrease the waste of electric power. And also imagine how much power we can actually save from the glowing trees instead of street lampposts.

Science has gone too far and people still can't imagine what blessings science can bring to this human civilization.

But do you know what actually happened next? My friends most importantly one of my teacher laughed at me. They said this is not possible and they will not make me qualify for the next round.

 That disheartened me a lot. How can a teacher make fun of his students idea I don't know. 

As I've said I've high expectation and strong determination that I'll participate in the science fair at least for a one time so I start doing more research on this topic.

We have received internet almost 30 or 40 years ago. Before that time internet was just a imagination but today internet is reality. 

In the science fair, we had to explain our project to the mass people. There are some people their too who also laughed at our project.

As we've experienced this before so we tried to ignored those bad comments. Some comments were very frustrating and insulting some people didn't believed this was actually possible.We've showed them evidence but still they laughed at us.

In that science fair we didn't get any prizes not any position. But we didn't give up after 2016 science fair. After one year my college arranged a science fair.

Their I've participated with our glowing plant idea and again become a laughing stock. We've nothing to do people never believed this was actually possible.

After participating two times in two different science fairs and being failed to achieve anything we just let go the idea. But this story have a twist to come. 

Daily mail on glowing plants

I want to tell those people ,my friends and that judgement panel who didn't pay any heed to our idea, glowing plant is a reality now. Scientist put their heart and soul together and made this impossible thing happen.

In future we will have plants that will glow in the dark and will give us light. Now a short message to those people who laugh at peoples idea. 

You can only laugh and have nothing to do else. You don't have any ability to create something. They can only demotivate ,insult and discourage people.

If you have a idea it's better not to share with them because they will never value your thoughts.

We are not a failure these peoples are just real loser as they didn't achieve anything in their life that's why they try to ruin others.

Don't become so much influenced by those people and let's stick to our path.

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2 years ago


Wow. This is so amazing. Sometimes, you justa have to wait for the right time for your idea to be known and heard. Maybe the year you have thought about it and worked it out was not the right timing. But now, as you look at it, it was made possible this time. You must be proud that you also got the idea of it way back.

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2 years ago

Only a simple idea can change the world greatly. Only needs a idea! Every inventions that has seen the light was a idea before and untill it becomes reality it's important to keep faith. Every can be made possible if we have faith in it.❤️

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2 years ago

I agree to you totally. ❤️

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2 years ago