The heavenly love life:I dream about

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2 years ago

I was super busy with my friends in the last couple of days so I didn't find the time to write articles here.

Though my head is loaded with tons of writing ideas but to expression them in writings I needed time.

But time has an expensive thing for me. Here I'll be sharing an interesting thing I've felt when I was with my friends.

Yesterday I along with my friends went out for a lunch in a local restaurant.We had also plan to try a local dish because it's been so long since we met. Everything has done we were cheering, gossiping, laughing and tasting the food.Than an wonderful thing happened with me.These days all the restaurants have musical arrangements.

I was hearing an wonderful song and I was like I know all the lyrics but couldn't remember the song name.

After listening for a while I come to know it's the song of Christina Perri.This is a famous song of Christina Perri which name is thousand years.

Than an interesting thing happened inside my mind. I was imagining how much adorable my love life would be.

I was wondering about the things I'll get in my love life. So this article is my imagination about my love life.Though I'm not in love but these things I cherish the most in my love life.

1) There are almost 7 billion people in the whole universe but none of us are super perfect. Everyone of us weaknesses, flaws and imperfections.But to be in love it doesn't matter whether you've weaknesses or imperfections.

I dream of a person who'll not prioritize the weaknesses,flaws and my little imperfections.Rather who'll love me along with my incapability and inabilities. 

2)I dream of person who'll not treat me based on my colour,my age, how I look, how much money I make or how much valuable resources I have.

It doesn't matter actually if you are in true love. Every person in this globe are beautiful but to find the inner beauty you also need to a good pair of eyes.

Money? Does it really matters to love someone?Is he loves you or your money? Money is just a temporary piece of papers but two good souls are permanent.

3)I dream of person who can make a strong of promise of not giving up, who'll not let go my hand whatever the situation is.

If we die, we'll die together holding our hands and if we live, we'll live together till dawn to dusk.Personally I don't want to lose my dream persons hand for any reason.

If someone holds my hand it's gives me strength, courage,bravery and heroism.So I dream of person who'll not let go of my hands and we'll fight together till our last breath.

4)In this world you'll not find any person who is selfless.Though all of us are selfish but there are some people who thinks beyond themselves.

That's why the world is mesmerising.I dream of a person who'll be that much selfless both towards love and towards all the people around.

At least my person will not think only for himself rather think for love and humanity.That's the kind of person we all dream off but some super lucky people got one.

5)I just don't want anything from my love I just want my love will keep me happy all the time. You may not have a job, you may not have good salary, you may not a strong economical foundation.

At the end of the day if you have someone who can make you smile this will be greatest gift anyone can dream of. A lovely smile will simply melt all the tiredness and so on.

No amount of money can make you smile but some good words from your lover can.

Ha ha these are my imaginations about my love , about my dreamy person. Who knows what God has written in my luck but I know he is the best match maker and will gifted me with the best partner.

So what about your dream person let me know.May God fulfill all our wishes about love. 

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2 years ago


Wow such a great and nice story be happy and settelled what ever you are

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2 years ago