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The 4 wishes we all have! Some of us achieved,some yet to achieve!

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1 year ago

We all have particular cherishes, desires, wishes, dreams and we all try to accomplish them in our life.

There is no single being in this earth who doesn't have any dreams though it can be little or big.

On the other hand you may think someone's dream is small but from his perspective this the biggest dream.

So it's a matter of personal perspectives when we are talking about dreams or wishes or desires.

But the most sorrowful fact is some people are lucky enough to accomplish their dreams but some people after trying their whole life can never fulfilled their dreams.Life is a bit unfair to them and it is too hard to accept the truth.

I've observed that we all have few common desires wishes and dreams.This is very interesting that we all are running after the same dreams but we don't know them. 

Here in my writing I'll be sharing some common desires of every person and I'm sure you've also wanted these once in your life.

So how did I come to know about you? Am I mind reader who can read minds or have the special ability to see what people have in their inside?

No I'm not a mind reader not at all rather I'd love to observe people more and more.

This article will be a reflection of my observations about common human desires. 

Let's see if you've wanted these things I'm your life or not. Let's see if my observations are correct or not. 

- We all have searched for a loyal hand once in our life.

I'm hundred percent sure about that you've searched for a loyal hand whom you can trust with your everything. Not only you, I and we all have searched but some of us found,some of us yet to found. 

But there is also an opposite site of this story. Sometimes we trust someone and they just betray us.They took everything everything from us and left us aside with nothing.

If you go through this kind of betrayal or cheating you may never trust anyone like the first time you have trusted. He/she didn't give value of your trusts and just let you go.

Finding one loyal hand is an mysterious game of life because:

1)Some may found one but faced betrayal from his/her partner. 

2)Some didn't find any loyal hand yet but need badly

3)Some may found but didn't understand the value of a loyal hand

I don't know what stage you are belong to but I've one little thing to say.If you already found a loyal hand than don't ever lose those hands.

If you lose you'll regret in the future because you may not get the same trustworthy hands again.

So hold tight his/her hands and fly together with your hearts content.Because finding a loyal and trustworthy hand is still a dream for most of the people. 

Almighty has already gifted you with one so don't take it for granted.

- Seek someone's accompany in the most depressing nights of our life.

We all have go through some darkest painful depressing moments in our life. Some of us may have recovered and some of us yet to recover from those. When we are depressed we all wanted someone's accompany. 

It may come from our mother, father, sister, brother, friend or anyone.When we are depressed we just want someone sit beside us.

If you ask me when I'm depressed who sat beside me? I'll say my mother. When everyone left but my mother stayed with me every time. 

I may have received my mother's accompany, you may have received some one else's accompany but still there are someone who passes their depressing times lonely. 

- Wanted to pass a day without any worry of anything.

Sometimes when life becomes so heavy and we become worried about our life than we all want to live a worry free day at least once.

We all wanted to feel an worry free life but as life is unfair so it's become impossible to live a single moment without worrying. 

I can bet on this you've wanted to pass a worry free day once in your life but you haven't.This is a type of desire we can't buy with money nor with anything.

- We all have wished to sleep peacefully without any bad dreams.

In my culture there is a saying that if you can sleep peacefully at night you are the happiest person on the earth. 

Because you can have thousands of money in your bank account but you can't buy peaceful sleep with them.

I ,personally always wished to sleep peacefully at night but I wasn't to able to sleep.

But there are some people whom wishes come true.They can sleep peacefully at night without any hassles.

They are undoubtedly the happiest person on earth because we all have personal problems , concerns etc.

But these people can sleep irrespective of their worries now imagine how much happy they can be. 

This is also same for everyone.We all have wished to sleep peacefully just like pass a worry free day but some achieved and some didn't. 

My main motive of writing this article is to let you know that:

-Not only you are suffering from the depression, worries or betrayal.We all have wished to live a peaceful life but only a few choosen ones got the chance. 

So if you didn't get what you've wished that doesn't mean you are not the only one.

I, we, everyone we all have same wishes some received but some didn't.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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