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Sharing my 2 years teaching experience and teaching stories

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1 year ago
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Before the pandemic started, I was working as an English language teacher in a learning home. I was working there as a teacher for almost two years.

But as for the pandemic everything remained closed so now I'm not able to conduct anymore classes.

Hope is still there and when the situation improves I think I'll be able to conduct my classes again.

So here I'll be talking about my 2 year teaching experience, things I've learned from my students, realisations as a teacher and more interesting facts.

Undoubtedly teaching is the most interesting job and I'm very glad that I'm a part of a teaching community.

When I was child, my school teachers inspired me. Though at that time I didn't think I'll be a teacher in future.But teaching always fascinated me and I found it interesting job.

Yeah it's true teaching profession is sometimes tiresome.But when I look at my students I never feel that much tired.

-Every time when I entered into my class when my students wishes me that's the best feeling anyone can have.If you are also a teacher every time you walked into your institution you'll never feel lonely.

There will always be a student to wish you good morning. And at the end of the day you'll also see someone is wishing you good afternoon. 

Imagine you are having a bad day and at that moment your student is wishing you good afternoon.

Your mind will be refreshed surely.I've also experienced this beautiful wishes from my lovely students.

- 40 pairs of eyes are looking at you and giving their full attention to you. 

That's a different kind of experience as a teacher. When the class is full of students and they are staring at you and eagerly waiting for your words.In my childhood days public speaking was fearful.

Talking to a number of people is not easy as it seems. So as a teacher I had to overcome my fears of public speaking.

Though in my early teaching days I felt some problems like forgetting what to say, giving homeworks but day by day I overcome my fear.

Now I'm confident enough to talk to any number of people , standing in front of them. If you are an introvert than you'll understand the problems of talking in the public.

But as I've said you have to overcome your public speaking phobia specially for your students. So that you can give your best in the class room.

If you ask me how I've overcome my public speaking phobia I'll say I've practiced, practiced and practiced at home.

That's a different story I'll share my overcoming story also in my another article.

- As a teacher there is less chance to make mistakes so I've to be extra diligent about what I'm speaking and what I'm teaching.

Imagine as a teacher if you make a mistake all the students will do the same mistake.

That means all 20 of them will do the same mistake. From that perspective I've to be extra careful so that my students doesn't commit any mistake.

- In our society getting good marks is important but understanding the subject is not. 

I've seen all my students run after getting good marks instead of learning the main topic.

I've told them getting good marks is important but it doesn't mean you are skilled enough. When you are submitting your papers for a job they will test your knowledge.

They will not just see your marks and hire you. So instead of running after good marks, try your level best to capitalise your learning. 

I've also said that if you can learn any topic from your heart than good marks will run after you.

If you can love your subject from the core of your heart than you don't have to worry about good marks. Good marks will love you back eventually. 

When I was talking about this I've seen great response from them now they don't run after good marks only.They try to learn their topic from the core of their heart.

- When I walk alone or going somewhere when a student recognise me and say hello teacher I feel like I'm the most happiest person in the world.

This kind of lovely gesture is only visible from students when they love their teacher.

I feel like all my students love me from their heart and you know that's more fascinating.

Though my job is not permanent but in future I've dream of becoming a full time teacher. That's the job that attracts me superbly and hope this pandemic get over soon.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
Topics: Self, Success, Write, Lesson, Teaching, ...
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