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Pursuing study in this pandemic! My personal stories!

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1 year ago

If I'm not wrong most of us here are students mainly. I'm also a student like you though our study life is greatly hampered due to this pandemic but I'm quite satisfied at least online classes are going on.

Though there is a difference between online classes and real life classes but we have to comply with the rules, regulations and new normal situations.

But I'm quite happy about that because at least I'm not stuck in between my studies ,in my years. Though it's too hard to keep pace with the online classes but I'm quite satisfied with my studies. So here I'll be writing about my study life in this pandemic.

How I'm studying,preparing myself for the upcoming exams and my overall study.I'm sharing this just to let my fellow friends here know how to keep going from my perspectives.

Because one day this pandemic will be gone for sure we'll have to come back to normal life. So my question is are we prepared enough to get back into the normal life especially in the normal study life? 

•I choose night times for studying because I think night time is hundred times better than day time.You know as a student,pursuing study is the ultimate duty.So no matter what is happening around us we have to keep studying.We can get rid of academic exams only when we complete graduation. Till than we have to pursue our study. So why I've selected night times basically? Because

     •Night times are relatively relaxing, silent, less chaotic and I can give my full attention to my study at night.To study perfectly a less chaotic environment is much needed.Only nights can ensure a quality environment.Those who are living in the urban areas will know how much chaotic urban areas in daytime.

It became so hard to put attention in the midst of these problems.If you are also a student like me and wanted this kind of less chaotic time you can study at night or plan according to your schedule. Just search for a time when there will be complete relaxation.

   •There are some people who loves to disturbs others without any logical reason. Sometimes when you've set up your mind to study you'll see suddenly a friend of yours just knocked you to go outside/to play games/to gossip etc. But it doesn't mean he/she is not studying. He has already completed his study simply he wants to harm your studies.These type of persons should be avoided.

I've seen a lot of persons who disturbs others especially when studying without any valid reason. At night these people become busy with themselves and didn't get the time to disturb others.

Most importantly I threw away my phone when I'm into studying.I don't want to be distracted by any stupid notification because mobile phone is great distracting thing.

In night when I feel super sleepy I do some extra things to keep me awake. This will be helpful for you too if you want to study at night or have some extra works at night to keep you awake.

First of all every single time I feel sleepy I wash my face with cold water.Not ordinary water I said cold water. When water drops fall from my face I feel like sleep is washing away.

Some may prefer coffee but coffee doesn't work on me. It's works on me from a different way.I feel more sleepy after taking coffee.

So I had to choose alternatives.Besides cold water I used to walk on my room. Standing beside the window that's when the cold air refreshes my body and my sleep just went away. All these things gives me another one hour to study.

•I've to mention one more thing. You may be a night worker like me but don't forget to sleep 6-8 hours at least. Sleep is also a mandatory thing in our life and we can't deny that. You just need to reassemble your daily life.

I can also remember more things when I'm studying at night comparatively day time.As there are less sound so the words that enters into my mind never fade away.

Besides night time there are also very good time to study.You can memorise more if you study at that time.I can say that because I've experienced that.

Say you've enough sleep at night now wake up early in the morning.Just before the sun set and study at that time.

When I was child my mother used to say this is the best time to pursue study. Now I'm older and I feel yes my mother was correct. 

Let me know when you feel good to study or what is your preferable time to study? Let's see do we have any similarity or not. Ha ha!

Lastly this was also my mother's advice from my childhood.She used to say if I find anything hard to memorise I should write the topic ten times. She also said it is way better than reading.

Writing helps more to memorise a complex topic.I don't know if there any scientific reason or not but it's helps me greatly. I just write down the topic which I'm having trouble to memorise.After writing few times I see it is really helpful. 

Also let me what things you do to memorise any topic.This will be both helpful for the fellow students like us.

So that's it as I've said earlier as student studying is the fast and foremost duty. So no matter what we have to give our hundred percent in the reading table! 

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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