My family members suffered Covid-19 maltreatment. Don't ignore symptoms!

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2 years ago

Sometimes I feel very blessed because I've some outstanding and extraordinary people in my life. They are none but my cousins and I'm very grateful to them for making my life a colorful one. 

I've a cousin who lives in Rome, Italy. There he owns a restaurant business and few years back he got Italian citizenship.

As we know Italy is one of the worst hit nation of Covid-19 in Europe.
At the beginning of the pandemic we told him to come back home when the death toll increased high in Italy.

But he was reluctant that he won't come back home to put other family members in danger which was very strong decision from him.

We appreciated his strong determination. Although we were very worried about him as the Covid-19 death toll and confirmed cases increased dramatically in Italy and told not to go outside. 

He stayed in Italy almost 9 months after the pandemic hit. In the first week of November he returned home and went to home quarantine for 14 days.

He was very strict about the health rules but who knows bad luck was written on his luck.

In December 10, after almost one month later of his arrival he developed symptoms like fever, cough, respiratory problem. 

Not only he but also my aunt(My cousin's mother) was also diagnosed with same symptoms.

As the doctor didn't suspect this was Covid-19 so he told my aunt and my cousin to take home treatment.

He also prescribed some medicines but didn't tell to test for Covid-19.
So they were taking the medications at home. But in 20th December after almost 10 days there health condition deteriorated.

So they again went to the doctor and this time the doctor again prescribed the same medicines without telling to test for Covid-19.

They again come back home, isolated themselves from the other family members and taking the medicines.

Though they are taking medicines at the night of 26th December my cousins health condition worsened. He was unable to breath oxygen and having difficulty in breathing.

All of suspected that this is Covid-19 but without testing we can't be sure of it.As he had difficulty in breathing so he was taken to oxygen support.

We hired an oxygen cylinder and with the help of technical person provided my cousin oxygen support.

We became very frightened about cousin and also worried about my aunt. Because she has diabetes and if it was Covid-19 than it can be fatal.

Both of them was unable to talk and running high fever with cough.

In 27th December their health conditions didn't improved and immediately hospitalised. After taken to hospital there samples are taken and the doctor blamed us for being late to test and hospitalisation.

He also said if we were late more than we could've increased the risk of more fatalities. 

After one hour their Covid-19 results came out and they got positive just as we suspected. 

Late treatment, maltreatment, not testing and lack of hospitalisation can be very fatal when we are talking about Covid-19. 

As they become positive and had worse health condition, they were admitted to Intensive care unit. After almost one week with proper treatment finally the hospital told us to do the second test just to make sure if they have Corona Virus or not.

After the second test my aunt got Covid-19 negative but my cousin is still positive. Hospital discharge my aunt and told my aunt to stay at home for at least 14 days from now on.

Few days later my cousin also go through third test and become Covid-19 negative.

My family members suffered just because wrong treatment and for not testing for the Covid-19. We shouldn't take Covid-19 lightly and shouldn't ignore the symptoms just like my family members did. 

Doctors wrong advice is the result of my cousins oxygen support. 

I don't know and I can't imagine if they were one more days late what could have happened.

When we are talking about Covid-19 Ignoring the symptoms increase the risk of losing someone.

I can say from my experiences if you see any kind of symptoms please don't ignore the symptoms and don't go untreated.

Don't panic because timely treatment can speed up the recovery process immediately seek doctors advice.

Immediately contact with the professional doctor because my family members also contact with doctors but he was not professional enough to suggest Covid-19 test. 

I pray for everyone's betterment and those who are infected with this virus may Almighty help you all to recover from this. My family members suffered and I don't want anybody suffered like this.

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2 years ago


Well, at the start of the covid pandemic it was also quite hard for doctors to actually detect it 🙄

But anyway, it's extremely great that they're now healthy again and survived covid 👏

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2 years ago

Yeah it's true as it is a kind of disease. But at least he should have told to test.

He didn't suggest to test for Covid-19 instead told us to take home treatment. Every day their health deteriorated. As for the pandemic we should've been more careful.

After hospitalisation finally we did the test and found they are positive for the Covid-19. Yeah it's a great relief because my aunt had diabetic diseases.

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2 years ago

Covid took many lives. Thank God your relatives are well.

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2 years ago

And the number is still counting every day.We don't know when will it stop. I'm very grateful to the Almighty. ❤️

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2 years ago