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I forget my charger at home and how my journey ruined.

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1 year ago

I forgot my phone charger at home and how I suffered in my journey
I was totally inactive in every kind of social media in the last 6 days for a simple mistake I did before my journey.

I was unable to write anything just because of my smartphone charger.

Can you imagine how only a smartphone charger can make a outstanding travel a bitter one?Yes it is possible and almost ruined my journey.

You may have noticed that I didn't write anything in the last week. In the last week almost a year after I went to my relatives house.

As for the pandemic there are still some travel restrictions but the situation improved a lot. 

That's why I've planned to step outside my house almost after a year.

I was completely excited about the whole journey and start preparing myself.

But there are some people who forgets to pack little stuffs like toothbrush and unfortunately I'm one of them. 

In the last Tuesday morning when I got into the train and the train started moving than I remembered that I didn't bring my smartphone charger. 

At that time it was quite impossible to got down from the train and return home to bring charger because the train has already started moving with its full speed. 

I'm a photogenic and memory lover person who loves to click good memories. But without my smartphone how can I store my memories I was thinking and thinking.

On the other hand my smartphone supports only type-c fast charging cable. Those who are tech geek may know that type-c fast charging cable launched recently and not most of us use it.

So I was thinking how if any of my relative had type-c cable than my problem will be solved. 

But I was not that lucky and none of my relatives had type-c cable rather they had USB cable 2.0. My phone doesn't support USB 2.0 cables so this is a another great problem.

I tried to lessen my smartphone usage but after one full day of using my phone battery finally died and I've nothing to do with that.

Than one of my relative suggested me to brought only a type-c cable from a local shop because full charger box will be much costly.

Moreover when I return home I'll not need that extra charger because I already have original charger at home.

So not to waste more money I brought a type-c charging cable from a local shop by 150 taka which is almost 1.8 USD.

See a simple forgetfulness can also become very costly in that case this cost me 1.8 USD. 

If I brought original full charger box that it would cost around 6-8 USD.

Though they aren't original one and I've some issue of fast charging my device was charging very slowly.

With my original charger it took 2 hours to full charge my battery and with the new cable it took almost 3 and half hours.

Wrong cable can seriously decrease the life span of smartphone and it's battery.I was also thinking of ruining my battery but I've no choice left so I had to take the risk. 

As charging my phone become my big issue that's why I just used my phone to take photos nothing else.

That's why I wasn't able to come online in the last week.Isn't it a ridiculous forgetting stuffs like smartphone charger?

If you don't want to ruin your whole journey just like me and not to forget your most important goods at home here I'm sharing some experiences I've gathered.

1) If you've different charging port like me which is not common than you should be more careful.

I wasn't careful enough and I thought someone might have a type-c fast charging cable but I was wrong. 

If you are bag packing first put those things which is not be available outside or uncommon items. For example a round shaped charging port or long shaped.

2) You know yourself very well what stuffs you forget quite often. If you ask the same question to me I'll say I forgot headphones, charger etc.

Honestly speaking, if I plan tour next time I'll never forget to put my charging cable first in my bag pack.

 So you've already travelled a lot and you know what things you forget don't you?

So pack those elements first so that you may never run the risk of forgetting important elements.

3) This one is very important if you are a regular traveller you can create a small bag where you'll put all the instruments which will be very necessary in the travel. 

You can keep charger, toothpaste, toothbrush, headphones,ID card,Ticket etc.

If you keep all these things in a place than I can assure you you'll never forget. From next time I'll do the exact same thing.

I've suffered a lot and cost money only because of a charger so I don't want you to face the same problems just like me.

From next time I'll do the above things and I think this will be very much effective.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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