How I keep track of my classes and benefits figure drawing!

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Making notes or keeping track of the class is one of the most challenging task for students.

Honestly speaking keeping track of classes on regular basis was a challenge for me too untill I think of some ideas and started implementing them.

Personally I'm not a meritorious student just a regular student like you but every day I try how to make study more easy so that students like me can get the benefits. 

In this article I'll share some tricks which I've developed by my own self to keep track of the classes very easily.

So if you are struggling and demotivated than you can surely try the methods I use. Because once I was devastated and tired like you believe me or not. 

1) When the teacher is talking than its better not to write all the words he is telling.

Because you know talking speed is faster than the writing speed. If you want to race with talking you'll lose surely. 

You'll miss valuable words from your teacher. So I think of what I can do not miss the words because once I was also racing.

I don't note down every words rather I note the keywords only. These keywords shouldn't be more than one sentence long.

First listen to your teacher than note down the main theme of his talking with a simple keywords. You can choose your own keywords freely.

Say if he talking about the bad impacts of rumoured news than instead of writing everything write the main impact points.

Now you can ask me what is benefit of doing so than I'll say you'll have more time to listen to your teacher.

As soon as our teacher started to tell something ,we start writing and don't listen to him. If we don't listen to our teacher than how can we understand the particular topic easily?

If you write only the keywords than you'll have more time to listen. Either way both writing and listening you are winning.

2) Figure drawing 

Writing takes a lot of time as I've mentioned above and I've also shared an alternative of writing. Figure drawing can also be a great way to keep notes. You can draw boxes, circles, straight lines as figures and put the points there.

Figures drawing is very important to -

1)Compare two topics one another 

2)Show two three or more number of topics simultaneously

3) Analysing any particular topic with points

4) To point out any topic

I've shown only four but you can do thousands of things with the figure drawing.

To draw a box or circle it will take only 3 or 5 seconds. First of all it is super fast and secondly you can illustrate tons of data in a simple figure. 

3) Don't forget to put dates/day number/lecture number and the lecture topic name on the top of the page.

If you do so you'll have an arranged and clean note at the end. If you search for a topic you'll not have to search every page.

These simple works will save you time easily.If you do so you'll be able to find any specific topic within a very short time.

As these days most of the classes have gone online so you already get the recorded version of each class.

You may have missed a concept but you have the recorded version so no worries. You can listen to the recorded class as many times as possible.

Now I'll share you how a simple figure drawing technique can save you time and most importantly help you to express a lot of data.

To draw this figure I've used an digital drawing platform named Autodesk sketch book.

Question: Show the core difference between topic "A" and topic "B".

I'm just naming two topics randomly. You can rename them based on your studies it's just an example. 

As we need to show difference between two topics let's draw two boxes one is for topic "A" and second is for topic "B". Than draw another box in between them and write "Difference" in the middle.

Autodesk sketchbook

Now write the points of topic "A" one by one as I've mentioned in the picture and topic "B" one by one.

Instead of writing whole sentence try to write the main differentiating points. Now see the results and tell me what extraordinary thing you've already done. 

See studying is all about ideas and the more ideas you've the more enrich you are. I've shown an easy idea now think how you can make it more easy for yourself.

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