How I helped my brother to give up excessive online gaming

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2 years ago

These days online gaming has gone too far and young adults are falling trap of it. I have a younger brother who plays a lot games like PUBG , Call of duty etc.

He starts affecting his study, health,money and it is high time to stop. I know and I'm quite sure you or your siblings may go through this kind of problems too.

Here is how I helped my brother to get rid of gaming addiction and hope these will be helpful for you to if you want to get rid of gaming.

1)I helped my brother to find an alternative of excessive gaming. 

First I didn't go hard line like uninstalling all his games rather I helped him to find an alternative.

Why did I do so because if I don't give him an alternative he will never be able to getting round of this addiction. We always force someone to give up a had habit but forcing someone is not a good choice. 

If you force someone to stop instead of stopping he'll start doing it more and more.

So if you or your siblings have this gaming addiction than don't force him try explore his mind. What other things he might be interested in try to get the answers. 

For example say your siblings or children's have great interest in drawing pictures but as he is drowned into excessive gaming all his drawing qualities are about to diminish.

Buy him a fancy colour book or colour pencils so that his inner self wake up.

In my case I gifted my brother a bicycle.My brother is fond of cycling as he don't have his own cycle he can't go exploring with his friends. Sometimes I've seen he use his friends cycle.

As he need a cycle of his own and to eradicate gaming addiction buying a cycle is a good gift. 

Moreover we know cycling is a great exercise too as it builds our muscles and keeps our body fit.

Gaming all day is bad not only for his study but also for his physical health too.

So here is my suggestion do not force someone to give up a bad habit rather try to find out his other interests and help him achieve those.

Now my brother goes for cycling with friends in every afternoon and he is on his way to fully give up the mobile gaming habit.

2)I made him understand that excessive online gaming is harmful for both of this physical health and wellness. 

When we are talking about giving up an addiction it is impossible for someone to eliminate his bad habits overnight.

As bad habits doesn't grow over night and those will not go over night too. You need to give him some quality time just like I did to my brother.

I showed him how gaming is costing money, wasting time and most importantly ruining his productivity.

I told him to save money and showed him how saving money can help him in future. 

I also told my brother one day this games will be market out than the money you've wasted on these games they will not give you back.

But if you save your money to buy something you love they will give you companion whenever you want. 

If your siblings are fond of music than buying him a guitar will be an amazing step to his improve creativity.

3)I suggested him some life changing movies and series and he become a fan of movies too. 

From movies like Forrest gump, Pursuit of happiness, The terminal etc. I've suggested him to watch all the inspiring movies like this and once he started watching I've seen some changes in his mind.

Movies are working as a antidote of excessive gaming. To be honest if you are also a gaming freak and started realising that this is harming you than try to find alternatives like this. 

Different people needs different types of suggestions but finding an alternative works on everybody.

Share your problems with someone who'll take your words seriously and suggest you something valuable. 

In my case I'm happy that he is not wasting his money and time on games anymore.If a heavy gamer like my brother can change than you can too just give it a shot.

P:S: I've suggested all these stuffs to my brother because gaming has gone into addiction level. Addictions are totally bad in what form it is and I'm not saying gaming is bad.

But if you give your everything money, heart, soul and time to the artificial computer generated world than it should be stopped soon.

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