How I get rid of public speaking phobia?

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2 years ago

Greetings! I hope you are having a wonderful day by the grace of lord and pray may lord keeps all of us safe from this ongoing pandemic.

In one of my last article I've shared about my teaching life experiences and I've also said I'll share how I did improve my public speaking ability.

I'm free now so it's the best time to write something. I'm quite sure if you are also a person who have fear of public speaking, you'll get some idea how to diminish the public speaking phobia. 

I'm an introvert person and I love to keep everything in my self but my job is way different than myself.

As a teacher I've speak continuously in front of my students sometimes with the parents too. If I don't know how to speak in public than it is expected that I'll be having a tough time in my job.

So I've realised I should get over my public speaking phobia as soon as possible to give my best at my work.

On the contrary if you are an introvert and if you are told to speak anything in public that it must be the worst night mare.

But for the love of teaching, I did something to get over my speaking phobia. In rest of my article I'll share what are they, how did I do so and how much time did I take.

- When I'm at the stage, holding a microphone in my hand and all the students staring at me than I believe the only thing that can help me is my confidence.

I'm all alone in my stage. But it is my own confidence which will help me to deliver the best to my students. 

You know there are thousands of videos about public speaking on YouTube. You can spend your entire life watching them but at the end of the day only thing matters is your confidence.

You don't have to watch all the tutorials on public speaking because everyone will say the same thing. 

Most importantly all the tutorial videos will tell you to grow confidence but will not tell you how to do so. So stop wasting your time on the videos, personally I also did the same. 

You know yourself very well,don't you? You know where you get confidence, you know how you get confidence.

Again not all of us gain confidence from the same thing. So there is a difference I'll tell you find your strong point. 

If you ask me how did I manage all the confidence I'll proudly say my instincts helped me a lot.

Besides to conduct a class I had to take lots of preparation. Sometimes I had to study more than my students.

That way the great preparation I take, the more confidence I have. Now I'll suggest you to find your own personal way of finding self confidence. 

-I take all kinds of help from my mirror. You can find it interesting that how can someone talk with the mirror. Yes I did when I was a newbie.

First of all I take all the preparations before conducting the class. After that I go to my mirror and conduct the whole class in front of my mirror so that I don't miss any important points. 

I do the same thing twice sometimes thrice to boost my confidence and to improve my speaking ability.

Now I don't need to take "The mirror class" anymore because I think I've learned it enough. But if you are a newbie in terms of speaking in public than take "The mirror class". 

Sometimes I put my phone on my table with the video camera on.Than I started to taking to my class.

After taking the whole class I watch the video again and again. That's how I realise in which side I need to improve a bit.

I think mobile video is more benefitting from the mirror classes. But I'll suggest you to take both of them and to see which suits you best.

- Public speaking is not only important for teaching rather nowadays it has whole lot of uses. I've understood that in today's world I've to talk continuously.

If I keep staying at home than nobody will give me job or anything like that. I have understood that I need to come out of myself and to talk with people as much as possible.

This realisation worked as motivational force in me. 

If you stay hungry and don't tell anybody about this than you've to continue starving.

So you've to talk for the sake of your own self. That's how I gradually overcome my public speaking phobia. 

- Another thing is I've to talk with the parents about their children. So I've to analyse each children whether they are improving or not.

Than I've to give the report to the parents. In this matter specially, there is no scope to make mistakes.

Because parents will take step according to my submitted report. So I make a note in my head what things I'll say to those parents.

So when you are speaking in public just reassemble the ideas what you are going to say. Gather up your ideas, your words inside your head so that you don't miss anything. 

As I've said when you are on the stage and holding a microphone than you are your own best companion.

That is how I did it and I believe if you are an introvert person like me you'll also can do it. 

Trust me, public speaking is way much interesting and exciting if you can get rid of the phobias mainly.

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