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Decorate your writing with these beautiful words

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1 year ago

Let's start from my previous article where I've said I will write about how to make your writing more beautiful. I've kept my promise here is how to do it. Just use some special words and nothing else. Your writing will stand alone in the middle of thousands others writing. I can assure you.

In between words we often use different English words. Again, many times we have to speak directly to a foreign friend in English.Sometimes we have to send a message to someone in Messenger or WhatsApp in full English format.

The use of some wonderful words can make your English massage or spoken word more beautiful, interesting and very pleasing to hear which can attract the listener or the person you are sending the message to.

So here some of the words you can use in your day to day conversation.Today I'll write about 10 of the most beautiful english words. Here we go!

Today's words list :

1) Mellifluous

2) Ephemeral

3) Inglenook

4) Demure

5) Aurora

6) Alluring

7) Serendipity

8) Sonorous

9) Effervescent

10) Petrichor

Mellifluous means very sweet voice or something very sweet to hear. When to use it?

Suppose a friend of yours sang a song to you. Now do you know what you can say by praising him?You replied her saying that "You have a mellifluous voice." How is it?

Ephemeral means a very short time happiness or something good that last very short time.

You and your best friend went to eat at a restaurant with something good achievement. But before she could start eating, a phone call came from her house saying that his mother become very ill. And she was not happy! Then she said to you in frustration, "My happiness is ephemeral."

Inglenook means a heating space of inside your house.

Say you and your father are talking. If you tell your father, your wish that you will become established one day and you will build a big house. He said, "And I dream to have a large wooden house with an inglenook at the corner."

Sonorous another beautiful word. It means very touching and emotional words. A word that melts your heart.

In your college, your head teacher gave a speech and you heard it and said, "This is a sonorous speech, very pleasant to the ear." Isn't the sentence looks pretty now?

Demure means soft,sweet and calm.

If you are the first to sing in a college cultural competition. Your class teacher said beautiful things about you to everyone; Appreciated. And seeing and hearing all this, do you know what you did? "You gave a demure smile."

Aurora one my favourite word. It means something first, dawn, morning.

You woke up very early in the morning and saw the light outside and said, "I love the rose-pink light of aurora."

Alluring another mouth watering word. I've said mouth watering because it means so! Something very beautiful to enjoy, something very tasty to eat whatever it is you can use the word "alluring".

Suppose your older sister brings you some sweets after dinner. Do you know what to say? Say, “Wow! This is an alluring desert. "

Serendipity means something very profitable.

Your friend joined as a math teacher after finishing college and you want to know why he joined so early? He replied, "I got into it through my serendipity."

Effervescent means watery bubbles. I loved the word.

When you see a liquid in a chemistry lab, you say, "Why is this effervescent?"

Petrichor,the word is related to a beautiful smell. It refers to the smell after the rain.

It hasn't rained for a long time. It is also quite hot. One day it started to rain and at the end of the rain you smelled the air and said, "The air is ripe with the pleasant, dewy petrichor."

The narrator or the friend - the listener or everyone around wants to learn something new from everyone. If you use some beautiful words in your speech, then someone else can learn by listening to it. Because he will listen to you very carefully for using some wonderful words.

More coming soon! I've fallen love with the English language.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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