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Can we stop hating each other today?

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1 year ago

Love and hate, the two human emotions are same as truth and lie. Love is the opposite side of hate and hate is the opposite side of love that's how our everyday human emotions work.

But my question is can stop hating people?If there is hate you'll find love on the opposite direction and same as love.

So frankly speaking if we want to stop hating people than we have to go completely to the opposite direction where we'll find love. 

But let's try to figure out some reasons why we humans hate each other? We all know that hating someone just because of some simple reasons like their colour is not good at all. Instead of knowing that this is bad but we do hate people.

So here are my findings about this human nature:

1)We have the tendency to hate each other just because we think they are superior than us.

On the other hand we also hate people if they are inferior than us.So bringing superiority and inferiority between humans is a cause of people hating each other.

If you look from a different perspective you'll see nobody is inferior nor superior.We all have red blood moving through our veins.We'll talk about this matter on the other part of my article.

2)Someone's look, colour, way they talk, way they walk, way they behave etc. are some reasons behind people's hating each other.

Yeah we all have different preferences we all have different choices but that doesn't mean we have to hate someone.

Colour, look,face, way of talking is a reason. We know nobody chooses his colour at the time of his birth rather it was naturally created.

So if you hate someone just because of their look it must be wrong. Now think again what I've said and if you've hated someone for their look or not.

3)Different way of thinking, different way of talking, different opinions are also a reason.

We want people to agree with us and we want people to give consent to our proposal.

When they don't give it because of their differences that's when hate arises. We can't imagine that people surrounding us aren't agreeing with us.

4)When we were child some of our rogue elders taught us that some people are bad and to hate some people.

Than when we grow older we come to know that wasn't right at all.

But some people never understand their childhood learnings weren't right.On the other hand a person cannot give up his childhood learnings so easily.So for the rest of his life he continued to hate someone.

5)Lack of mutual respect between each other sometimes resulting in hate.When there is no respect on something people started to hate.

If someone say "X" and your opinion is "Y" than don't engage in fight. Both of you have your own perspective of thinking, your own way of judgement let's respect each others point of view.

Most of the time we hate each other because of some simple human nature as I've discussed on the point number two.If we go deep down than than I've found some other abstract reasons of hate someone.

Now I've found out some reason and I've said love is on the opposite direction of hate.If there is hate, if you go directly to the opposite way you'll find this heavenly love.

To stop hating each other:

1)First of all we need to stop going to the way where is hate.We all know hating someone is bad so why we'll go this way?

2)Than we know there are seven billion people in this earth and there are seven billion choices. So there is chance of disagreement between two.

When any disagreement arises it's better to solve the disagreement without hating.You know hating will not bring anything rather it will bring distance.

3)Every single human being is different from each other so there must be difference of look, colour, race, way of talking etc.

Just take this difference normally you don't need to hate someone because of their physical attributes.

4)Let's try to not misunderstand each other and to respect each other.

Let's just believe if we could stay together irrespective of colour gender or ethnicity we can fight against all the odds.

I've realised hating each other just push people away.Why spreading hate when we can spread love to the world? 

5)Just ask your conscience should you hate someone based on something he has nothing to do like his colour?

Just follow your conscience, follow it's moral values.

Forget everything, ask yourself should you hate someone because you are not similar? Obviously you shouldn't because as a human there are dissimilarities.

I know it's a tough task for us to give up our bad habit like hating someone or something because we have grown up that way.

But I'll request you humbly to reconsider the facts. Let's give up hate today, from this moment, from now. 

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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Maybe another reason why people feel hate is because, they don't want to accept the fact that the person is better than them. For an instance, the girl was smart, beautiful and charming, other people may feel hate for that girl that leads to jealousy and worst bad intentions. It is a nature of mankind to feel hate but it can be solve by love.

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1 year ago

As I've discussed on my article the reasons of hate I've uttered the term "superiority and inferiority" . If people think someone is better than him than hate occurs. On the other hand if someone think of himself as inferior to someone than also hate arises. The example you've given can be said it has taken from real life.

Hate is a human emotion which existed from the starting day of human civilization. But as you've said you can remove hate just by changing the perspective.

But it'll too hard to be honest for human beings like us because we are not developed that way.

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1 year ago