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Bookmark these 3 super useful websites I've seen so far and thank me later!

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1 year ago

I, your everyday learning friend @Grammarian came back with not only an interesting but informative article.

The informative websites I'm sharing today, I know you are searching for this kind of websites for a long time.

You are searching for some sites where you can get your personal questions answered aren't you?

Some of us feel problems asking problems with someone in real life and I know that.

Moreover there is possibility that the question you are asking to the person, he may not know it.

Besides we may have some personal questions as I've mentioned before which we feel hesitated to ask someone.

So I'm sharing an website which an open book of answers for all shorts of questions.

Whenever I need to know some answers and don't find any answers I ask my question to that website and I just get my questions answered.

This all knowing website name is .Some of you may have heard the name before and some didn't. But now as you know that there is a website for all shorts of questions this will be very helpful for you. 

As a teacher sometimes I need to face some problems regarding English lessons. You know teachers need to learn ,they need to study just like the students.

Sometimes teachers need to study more than their students to conduct a perfect class. Whenever I face any questions I get the answers directly form this site. 

Now let me tell you a little about how this website really works or how can you get your answers?

When you enter into the website on the first page you'll see a dialogue box to write your questions.

You just need to write your questions there and wait to get your questions answered.

This website is super rich in knowledge that most of the time you already have the answers if you just scroll through.

There are some super volunteering people who gave their valuable time just to get your questions answered.On the other hand you can also help someone by answering their questions. 

When you answer someone's question and when someone is answering your questions than a great interaction take place.

Here are other features you should know:

1)When you log in you'll see some topics.You'll need to select topics according to your preference. The benefit is when you scroll through you'll see only your favourite topics questions.

2)There are personal spaces where people gather by to answer a certain topic.

3) In the search button you just need to write your question than wait.This amazing website will serve you with the best answers.

No matter how ridiculous , complicated or stupid question you have. This is what I've mentioned previously. 

If we ask someone a question they may ignore your questions saying this is a stupid question.But in quora you'll get the respect and this is the best thing I've seen so far.

I want to thank the creators of this website for this amazing learning place. They cover every areas from day to life to educational questions. You just need to ask quora will do the rest.

Here is my second most useful website where I've learned so many things. 

If you simply search something on Google by typing "How to do certain type of things..." the first result may come for their enriched storehouse of knowledge.

Let me tell you an interesting story about how I come to know about this website few years back. 

I was about to travel to my relatives house.The duration was just two days so I fall into dilemma about bag packing and all the travel related stuffs.

Than I found out how to complete this kind of short durations tours perfectly from this website. 

On wikihow you'll get all kind of problems solutions which I'm assuring you.They will provide you step by step instructions on every day problems.

Here everything is ready just follow the instructions and get your problem solved.

They cover a lot of "How related questions..." and you'll be amazed looking at the category.

From arts and entertainment to foods and health, from hobbies to relationship related problems,from home and gardening to travel everything is in one place.

I just fall in love with the website just for their diversified category system. 

As the website is superbly categorised so finding the solution is too much easy.You'll also see some expert reviewed answers which increases the accuracy. 

And my third website is about how to check if your writings are plagiarized or not.

Site link:

There is a website which checks your writing for free and show you sentence by sentence result. 

If you are a writer just like me, you'll never want your article to be plagiarized.Besides there is some self-satisfactions of owning something and creating something unique.

To check your writing you just need to paste your writing in the dialogue box and than push the blue button named "Check plagiarism". 

Than just relax they will scan through your writing and show you whether your writing is unique or not. 

Search result at

Here you can see my article is 100% unique and I am the owner of this article.

This is the satisfaction of creating something no one else did. Here is the website link:

Internet is undoubtedly an interesting and learning heaven but you just need to know which website is providing you the best answers.

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1 year ago
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Cool, i currently still use but i just use it to get inspiration for writing a new content whenever i'm in a creative block.

Back when i did run a blogspot page and had AdSense monetizing spaces on them, I used with these though i actually answered questions related to my niche and drop an outbound link in there to drive some organic traffic to my blog.

wikiHow well not so much except for this one time when i was looking something about Qiqonq meditation and i stumbled on a post on there about 'how to unlock your chakra gates' kind of a mantra and yoni exercise for releasing stress.

And a couple of times on wikiHow when i search hair growth hacks and hair mask.

They pretty cool sites though.

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1 year ago

Finally I've found someone who is familiar with the above mentioned sites. That is superb!

Honestly, each time I start scrolling through the quora feed every second I feel like I'm learning something.

Yeah getting some ideas from the side which is also absolutely correct. Quora is like an encyclopedia of writing ideas.

If you just start answering any question from quora and finally you'll see that you've finished writing a whole article! Believe me man!It really works!You just need a question to answer.

Your monetization idea was splendid and it took my attention when I was reading your reply. Amazing!

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1 year ago

You right on that, often times the questions posted on there gives me an idea of a theme to write about. And other times the answers give me a broader idea of what to create content around.

It's totally rewarding most times though especially when it gets your brain to work up inspiration for a new article.

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1 year ago

"Writers block" is one of the main problems of both amateur and professional writers.

The fact is professional writer's can get over this easily on the other hand amateur writers can't.

Only that is when answering the questions makes it lot easier to get over "Writer's block".

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1 year ago

That's so true 😊

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1 year ago