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A quiet winter morning! what and how I've enjoyed!

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1 year ago

Winter is the most enjoyable season whether it comes in the north pole or south pole.

Though those people who have low immunity to cold related diseases may not find it that much suitable to enjoy. When the cold comes we becomes affected by various diseases like cold, cough.

In my article I'll share how can you enjoy a cold beautiful winter morning and precautions I've taken to save myself from cold related diseases.

1)If you want to really enjoy the blessings of winter than I'll suggest you to visit the rural parts of your country.

City life is overcrowded with people and there are noise and pollution everywhere. From air pollution, noise pollution there is every kind of pollution in city life.

You'll never get the real feelings of winter in city. So you should come to rural areas as these parts are less crowded and less polluted.

Rural areas are quiet and literary if you hear closely you can hear the drops of dew falling on leaves. 

I can't really describe it in words the true feelings of hearing dew drops falling. These sounds are very much relaxing and calming.

2)Early morning is the perfect time to explore the riches of winter nature.

Though in winter some part of the world gets snowfalls but on the other hand some parts of the world gets foggy morning, dew, cold winter blows. 

I haven't experienced snowfalls in my entire life because I don't live in the snow falling areas.

And there is saying that almost half of the population of the earth never experienced snowfalls.

But I don't regret because I've experienced another type of winter. Sometimes the fog is very much dense where sun rays can't get through.

There are very low visibility which is only 6-9 feets so if you don't walk you'll never know what is in front of you. 

As in the morning there are very less people on road so walking on the empty streets can be very exciting and will give you immense joy. 

3)You can enjoy serenity of nature, simplicity of rural lifestyle and birds chirping at the same time.

Morning part is the beginning part of the day for the farmers you'll see how people are harvesting there crops and their cultivating method. 

Farmers are the real heroes of a civilization because they never stop working in hot sun, rain or ice cold winter. You'll feel the struggles of a farmer in every seconds.

Now let's not forget we should save ourselves from winter diseases also enjoy every moments. Here is the precautions I've taken to save myself from diseases. 

1)Ensure wearing double facemask to protect ourselves from the cold blows.

Wearing mask will obstruct from entering direct cold inside your body. So I wear six layered mask or double facemask.

2)To save your camera lense from cold keep soft cloths because I've seen after few clicks my camera become blurry.

I don't know yet why this happens but to get the best quality pictures we should keep the camera lens clean.

3)Protect your ear, hands because these are directly opened to cold.So using hand gloves and head cap can keep these warm and protected. 

4) Never go outside with flipflops or bare feet because the soil is too cold.It'll be better if you put on your socks and jogging shoes.

Shoes and shocks will protect your feet and fingers from the direct cold. I went outside with my running shoes and it helped me a lot especially from the dew.

Well these precautions will be helpful only if you are not from a snowfall areas. If you are from snowfall areas you should take different measures based on your environment.

Here I'll attach some photographs that I've taken by my mobile camera.

Guess the temperature

Look at the photos and see how dense the fog really was.

Now guess the temperature by watching the photographs let's see if you can guess the exact temperature.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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