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A quest for finding the best captions for photos! How I do so?

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1 year ago

After clicking a photo when we are about to upload it on social media than we found out we need to write a caption.

Exactly at that time we start battling with our mind to find some words which will describe the photo.

Than we go to Google and copy someone elses caption but this is undoubtedly a malpractice and bad thing to do.

So Instead of copying someone else's captions from Google why not writing your own captions by yourself?

I've seen a lot of people just copy some writings from Google and add with their photos. You may thinking you've done the smartest thing but these are easily understood.

Besides as more people use the same captions again and again so reading the same sentence sometimes feels boring. 

When we upload something on social media, we wanted to make sure every people read ,watch and share their opinion regarding that.

But using same "I love she love" type captions can make people less interested on your post. There is a chance people will simply ignore your post just because of a caption. 

On the other hand captions are the heart of a photo.

I know we find it very difficult to select the perfect captions for our photos but in my article I'll tell you caption writing is not that tough as it seems.

Caption writing is as easy as clicking the photo.

1)Make sure your captions are based on the main subject of your photo.

Say you've gone hill tracking with your friends and clicked a lot of photos.So what will be the subject of this photo? If you ask me I'll tell friends are the main subject of your photos. 

Hills and adventure are also a main subject if your think it from a different perspective.

But whatever the subject is write the caption based on the main subject. The viewers will be glued to both your caption and photo. 

2) Instead of writing of essays keep your captions short.

Your captions can be: 

2.1) Only one,two or three word long if you are really good at writing.In this one or two word you need to describe the whole photo.

As this is tough so I'm not recommending it to everyone.

But I've a suggestion if you look at the movie names you'll see they are one or two words long.

But they describe the whole 2-hour movie.If a 2 hour movie can be brought into two words so why not a photo?

You just need to think to find the right words besides you need huge vocabulary stock.

Do you know what I do to get the perfect words for my photos? Whenever I watch a movie I note that movie name down.

2.2) If you are not good at writing in one or two words than keep your captions one or two sentences long.

In this two sentences you'll write everything about the photo like when you've taken it, how was your feeling, what is the reason behind clicking that photo. 

2.3)You can write a passage this is what I do whenever I upload a photo on any social media.

This is not an ordinary passage rather this passage will tell the audience a story.I'll recommend you if you are good at story tell.

Tell your story in the caption so that people can feel they are visualising everything.

I've some friends who can really good at story tell.

If you are struggling with the caption than just tell the story behind of it. 

3)A good caption will hold the attention of your audience for a long time.

Sometimes when you upload a photo you'll see that people didn't react to your photo as you expected.

Your caption can be a reason behind it.If people didn't find your caption funny or interesting they will simply ignore and this is quite normal. 

So to get the attention you need to make sure your caption is an interesting one.So before uploading,think of something funny, amusing and curious to read.

4)Cinematic dialogues related to the subject of the photo can be a best option.

People remembers some movies dialogues for a long time because they find it inspiring,sometimes fascinating and sometimes attractive.

If I ask you to tell me a dialogue of your favourite movie I'm sure you'll not feel any dilemma to tell me.

When people find their favourite movie quotes in their newsfeed they will surely push the react button.

In my case I've used a lot of movie quotes in my photos and people reacted greatly.
For example, if you upload a photo with your fiance you can use some romantic movie quotes.

5)If you are good at writing poems use your poetic mind to get the best caption for your photo.

Remember we all have a poetic mind it just need a little nurture.Gather your words and thoughts together than write down your inner feelings. 

Once I was not that good enough to gather my words but I tried and tried.Now I'm quite satisfied with my writing ability.

What we've learned today is we can write far better caption by our own self without copying from Google or any other sources.

Again I'm telling you people don't really like the same simple captions again and again. 

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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