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7 tips for solo traveling based on my experiences. Happy travelling!

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1 year ago

In my last article I've shared how and what I've enjoyed from a chilled rural winter morning.

This was an wonderful experience visiting rural areas at least once in a year. Because as you know that we should take a break from the city and refresh our minds.

In this article I'll share my experience how can travel safely if you don't have the knowledge of the locality.

Everything is based on my experience how I've learned to travel alone safely. 

Because to know the vastness of world you need to step to the unknown world. If you always travel the same area again and again you'll become bored eventually.

So I try to travel new areas every year and as I've said this article will lead you to the answer of how you can be safe from the strangers and unknown place.

I'll share what steps I take to keep myself safe from the hazards.

1)Before travelling to a new area we should get to know every details of that area. 

In my case I ask everything to my host about the area.

If you are lone traveller like me than you should know every single details for example : people, their habits, safety, is free moving safe, is there any chance of getting lost, is there any chance of losing valuable things like camera or mobile phone.

Before I travel I note down every detail so that I can be extra careful and make my tour more enjoyable.

You should know the area very well especially the people. Are they welcoming to the guest or not?

2)If possible try to know the exact fares rate so that the drivers can not charge you more and take the benefit of your ignorance.

Personally I became a victim of this many times in the past.Where tuk-tuk drivers charged me more money than the price. Though this is totally inappropriate but as the drivers aren't honest they do so. 

We just only do one thing to avoid these type of circumstances. We should get to know the exact prices or fare rates before travelling around.

3)To avoid getting scammed on the roads don't tell anyone that you are new to this city and also don't express it with your body language too.

I've heard a lot of stories where strangers took advantage of this situations. So we should not tell everyone that we don't know the roads.

We should ask for directions to traffic policeman or someone trustworthy. 
Because we don't know what is the intention of a stranger especially if you are a girl.

In every big cities there should be traffic policeman, they will be grateful to help you. 

4)If you are on a vehicle and going somewhere remember the street signs e.g. restaurants, shops.

In my last travel, a rickshaw puller tried to scam me by driving the same road again and again.

My train was scheduled at 23:30. As the train station is close from my host's family so we start for the station at 22:00.

 We took a rickshaw but the rickshaw puller was not going straight instead he was driving here and there.

Firstly this was cold winter night and secondly we don't know the streets very well. 

But I was noticing the street signs very carefully and I found out that he was driving the same road again and again.

Than I told the rickshaw puller what's wrong with him because we were about to miss our train.

The rickshaw puller than guessed something. Than he took us to the station but only five minutes before the train starts.

So if you are new to a city or a place and travelling alone these people might try to take advantage of your ignorance. 

Keep your eyes wide open on the streets and look closely the street signs.

5)Don't trust anyone on the roads especially if someone wants to offers you food than refuse it wisely.

I've heard a lot of incident where people became victim of theft when they ate the food given by strangers.

Than all your travel might turn into a horrific one so being extra careful can save you from this situations.

6)Keep your Identity card or identification papers like passport always with you. 

If you keep these with you if you need any help on the streets you can get very easily.To save these papers from rain you can use a zip lock bag.

7)Last and the final tip is use Google maps very wisely if you are new on a locality.

Why I'm telling so because firstly you don't know the area secondly if you miscalculate your surrounding than you may go wrong direction.

Ask for directions from your host or relatives than use the Google map.

Here I discussed how can you be safe from the risks of travelling to a new city especially if you are travelling alone.

As a solo traveller I always maintain above mentioned rules strictly. When you are careful enough than all you just enjoy everything on the roads.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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Lol, I know the feeling. But one thing for sure though you can't really be able to get the exact amount of fares used to travel down a road, your best bet is to use taxi pool on demand or car rental services like will save you both time and money. As it has its fare metre and map navigation system all together...

And having to pull off the i'm not new to the city kind of body look will require a whole lot of psychology...drivers have a canny skill for detecting someone new to a particular part of town.

Definitely Google maps should be with you always.

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1 year ago

Yeah totally agreeing with you but still there are lots of cities and areas where ride sharing services like Uber is unavailable.I'm talking about every countries of the world. If possible than someone should surely take on Uber. But I'm talking about if you are traveling to a remote area.

The more you travel solo, the more strength you'll have inside. Driver's are experienced but you are also an experienced solo traveller. So you should already have known the tricks the driver can play on you.

In my every journey Google maps helped me a lot. But I'm saying to use it wisely. Wherever you are there must be difference between Google maps and your real time location. I think you've understood my point.

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1 year ago

Yeah that's true, there are locations that have not been fully integrated into Google map...and as such, those areas may differ

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1 year ago