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7 life teachings I've learned from the movie Forrest Gump

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1 year ago

I think you all have heard the name of an American great actor Tom hanks. When I say the name of Tom hanks you imagine the movie Forrest Gump don't you?

I've watched that particular movie many and many times. But every time I saw I feel this is the first time I'm watching this movie.

Movie name: Forrest Gump

My personal rating: 10 out of 10

There are some movies where you'll find happiness, an influential kick and great life teachings.

This is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring movie I've ever seen in my life. Here in my article I'll share the most interesting things I've learned by watching a movie. 

If you didn't watch the movie yet than put Forrest Gump in your bucket list and I'm assuring you that you'll never be bored for a single moment.

1)Every one deserved to be loved and everyone deserves love just like Forrest and Jenny. But you'll not get it until Almighty let you so.

In this movie Jenny is a very mysterious character. Jenny refused Forrest every single time but Forrest didn't give up.

I think Jenny refused Forrest because Forrest was a pure hearted person so she didn't want to ruin Forrest's life.

2)If you loved someone from the bottom of your heart, than the person will never forget to come back to you. Just like the movie Jenny came back to Forrest at last. 

If you ever love someone, than love like Forrest. I learned that love is a strong promise only death can tear this apart. 

3)Our whole life is a colourfull mystery box and we don't know what is waiting for us in the next morning.

You'll never know what kind of gift is tomorrow holding until tomorrow comes. As we are living in uncertainty so we should live fearless and without rules. 

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4)When we put too much pressure on our life ,our life becomes a caged bird. After watching the movie I felt life should be free just like a bird flying in the sky.

When Forrest was running across the interstate and when he said that he was running for no reason than I felt we should set free our lifes. 

You'll never know when the best opportunity will hit you but it will. Be sure about that.

When the t-shirt designer guy was run out of new ideas and was unable to draw than he found an outstanding idea when Forrest just rubbed his face with his t-shirt. Life will give us tons of opportunities at the right moment. 

We just need to be diligent enough to catch the right fish at the right time.

Life will again smile ,we just need to wait patiently.

5)A true friend is someone who will never let go your hand both in depressing moment's of life and in the battle field. 

When bubba was wounded in Vietnam war, Forrest the good man tried his everything to save his friends. These kind of friendship are only be seen in good people's heart. 

6)Our mother's are a gift of the Almighty and we should do level best for the betterment of her. Our mother's gave birth to us ,showed us the light of the world. 

As I've seen in the movie Forrest was very grateful to his mother and abide by all her instructions. We should be grateful to our mother's and a mother's sacrifice is incomparable with anything in this world.

7)Don't get offended or don't lose faith on yourself by people's rough behaviour and nasty talks. Instead of focusing on people's trash talks ,we should focus on our own life.

Because life is the most important gift was given to us by Almighty. We should be like Forrest who is focused on running because it doesn't matter what people is talking about us.

These are the learnings I've learned from the movie. Though there are more things to discuss about. I've watched this movie many times on HBO and especially the running part on YouTube. 

When he uttered that running gives people hope a reason to live believe me or not I also felt the same thing from the core of my heart. We just need a reason to live,I've found my reason what about you?

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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